What’s Happening This Week in October?

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What’s Happening This Week in October?

Dinner ClubDinner Club

The next dinner club outing will be on Sunday 29 October.
The St Aidans Dinner Club meet up periodically for a shared meal at a local restaurant, where we order a variety of dishes (mix of mild and spicy, meat and vegetarian, as needed) and split the bill at the end of it. We often get up and change seats part-way through so we don’t sit next to the same people all night. It’s a great way of getting to know people better, and a fun way to spend the evening. Carpooling is available for those who’d like a lift.
To reserve your seat please contact Dale, or email contact@staidansnorthcote.org.nz if you don’t have her number.


Cafe Church: New LifeNew Life

This Sunday 16 October is Cafe Church, our family-friendly service which starts at 9.30 am with a shared breakfast/morning tea, then the service at 10am. This Sunday our theme is New Life, and there’ll be some important discussions on the future direction of St Aidans. Martin Dickson will be sharing his experiences in transitional ministry with us.
Cafe Church is held on the third Sunday of each month, and has a focus on discussion and interaction. Toast, cereal and drinks are provided, but you are very welcome to bring a plate of something tastier to share if you would like!

Service of Quiet ReflectionRoxy Cutting Cake

This Sunday 9 October is our Service of Quiet Reflection. This is one of our more traditional services, starting at 10am and concluding with a cuppa and a chat at 11am. A familiar face will be there as Roxy will be leading the service for us!



Come to Quiet 7pm Tuesday 4 October

This Tuesday 4 OctoberPeaceful Trees (small version) is something for the adults; Come to Quiet at 7pm, in the Minister’s Office. This is our monthly session of contemplative prayer, which includes a short discussion on a reading, a time for fellowship with a cuppa, and of course a period of contemplative prayer. If you have never done contemplative prayer before, we will explain the basics to you before you put it into practice.
Contemplative prayer has much in common with meditation. “The root of prayer is interior silence…Deep prayer is the laying aside of thought. It is the opening of mind and heart, body and feelings-our whole being- to God…During the time of prayer we consent to God’s presence and action within…It is designed to deepen our relationship with Christ.” (Quotes from Father Thomas Keating)
Take some time out from your busy life and find some time to be still with God. You will be very welcome!