What on Earth is Happening at St.Aidans? – July 2016

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What on Earth is Happening at St.Aidans? – July 2016

June’s Café Church Service –

Farewell to Alf and Fleur

A Cafe Church breakfast that was even yummier than usual was shared by a large congregation and quite a number of visitors.  The service then went on in the usual way, with a table conversation asking us to think of ‘memorable happenings over the last six and a half years’ journey.’  We had large sheets of paper on which to write our thoughts, and also sheets of coloured origami paper so that memories could be recorded and collected to give to Alf and Fleur.  Mark Gahegan then sang for us. (Roxy was taking the service at Saint Cuthbert’s but she arrived before the end of the service).

The ‘Farewell’ segment started with one of Jimi’s wonderful cakes for Alf and Fleur to cut, then a number of gifts were brought forward.  There was a basket of goodies and a beautiful orchid; a card, which included a cheque, and which was signed by most of the congregation; and a book of photographs taken during Alf’s time with us.  Bruce spoke on behalf of the congregation, and he did it wonderfully well, using as part of his speech ‘a story’ (of course) – the last chapter of ‘House at Pooh Corner’ in which we know that Christopher Robin is going away.  Rabbit calls a meeting of all the animals and they pass a ‘rissolution’ and Eeyore writes a poem, and everybody signs it for Christopher Robin – it was all very appropriate.  Bruce told Alf and Fleur that they must spend the money as they wanted to, but we hoped they might travel and have a bit of a break.  He also told us that there will be a congregational dinner later in the year, and they will be invited back to share it.  Balloons and streamers decorated the church, and although there were tears it didn’t feel too sad. The service was very much a celebration of the time Alf and Fleur have been such an important part of the Community of Saint Aidans.


Congregational dinner for Alf and Fleur

At the Café Church ‘Farewell to Alf and Fleur’ service, it was announced that we will invite them back to a dinner with the congregation.  This will be held on Saturday 30th July at 6.30 p.m.  It will be a potluck dinner.  Look out for more information on the Church foyer notice board which will ask you to let us know if you plan to be at the dinner, and whether you plan to bring a savoury or sweet dish.  This should be a great occasion, and we hope that a large number of people will be able to attend.