St Aidans Property Trust – Iona Close – June 2015

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St Aidans Property Trust – Iona Close – June 2015

Trust Board Members

St Aidans Property Trust owns and manages the Iona Close property at 4 Woodside Ave. This is done on behalf of the St Aidans congregation. Iona Close has niche housing for older people. The nine units are available to people over the age of 55 who wish to and can enter into a licence to occupy arrangement.

The Trust is run by a committee of volunteers who over-see the running of the property. This includes finding new residents when units become available, arranging and over-seeing maintenance, payment of expenses such as rates and water etc., and compliance with various legislative requirements.

The Trust is looking for some new members to bolster the current membership. If you are looking for an opportunity to give something back to our community and want to support elderly people in having a safe and friendly environment in which to live then involvement in the Trust should be considered.

The Trust meets four times per year. So the time commitment is not too onerous.

If you wish to become involved then the existing Trust Board members will support you to learn about the Trust its obligations and to be an effective member of the Trust Board.

Please feel free to discuss this with any of the existing Trust Board members:


Tim (Chairman) 021 784472

John (Deputy Chairman) 443 5299

Colin 480 5749

Lynda 418 1558

Mary 480 5028

Annette 480 9642

Bruce 480 9642

Jocelyn 488 7008