St Aidan’s Meanderings – September 2014

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

St Aidan’s Meanderings – September 2014

GREETINGS – The weather looked good when we saw our sports people competing in the Northern Hemisphere – the rowers once again had a bonanza as did the swimmers earlier in the World Champs. For the Rugby enthusiasts it was certainly great to see the A.B.s winning so decisively in the Bledisloe Cup – an exciting game of running Rugby, just like the old days! And we know some people who will be up in the small hours watching the U.S. Tennis Open!

What a busy time we had during August.

Sadly, we farewelled Joan Spencer on the 26th at St Aidans. Alf conducted a lovely service for Joan and fitting tributes were made by family and friends. Our loving thoughts and sympathy go to the family in their loss. The gathering was a time to reminisce for those who remembered the Rev. Phil Spencer’s ministry at St Aidans.

Anne W has had another setback in her recovery from knee surgery and is continuing to rest as much as possible at home. We are sorry to hear that Colin R has had an accident while skiing, resulting in a fractured pelvis. Pat travelled to the mountain and reports that Colin was being transported to Auckland by Air Ambulance. Our thoughts are with Anne and Colin as they cope with injury and pain and wish them speedy healing.

BIRTHDAYS: We say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Robin B, Bev A, and Colin R. Enjoy your birthdays and have fun. We thought of Muriel as she celebrated her 99TH birthday over a few days round the 26th August, with family and friends.

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: We congratulate Dianne and Trevor as they celebrate their anniversary this month.

The young families had a happy night together with a film and meal on Friday at the end of the month. And Friday Fun Night was as popular as ever, with capacity numbers, preparing for Fathers’ Day. A variation in the Sunday service saw an enjoyable play by Pilgrim Players as part of the service, prior to Communion. And what an interesting morning we had at our “Favourite Hymn” service. As always a delightful selection of old and not so old hymns, with a short explanation from each sponsor as to what their choice meant to them, followed by the historical background of each hymn, which Alf had researched. Singing was the best we have heard for some time there a message here?

We look forward to further news about possibly having an INTERN (Minister). David outlined the scheme to us at Cafe Church as discussed by Church Council and the prospect seemed acceptable to the congregation. We wait now to see if there is someone for us.

OUT AND ABOUT: Bev A. Had an enjoyable jaunt to Queensland last month, with family to visit; spending time with her granddaughter who lives and has a business there.

Liz and David’s daughter Pip is off to Canada to support her partner Adam as he competes in the 70.3 Ironman World Championship in Mont Treblant, Quebec. Pip who works as an intern with Child Fund N.Z. has been helping to initiate a new programme called Global Neighbour. If you visit you can see what it is about. The introductory video was Pip’s creative baby and she is the voice you hear. From the website we learn that as a Global Neighbour you can help turn struggles into success and see families thrive, one neighbourhood at a time. With your help families can start a business; improve their farming methods; train for a better job.

MEET THE NEIGHBOURS (SRI LANKA) – the current project – states “Right now we’re working in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Small loans can help a family start a new business or grow an existing one. Earning more income means they can afford basics like food, education and healthcare. They may even be able to start saving.”

Edith is happy to share news of a second great grandson born to Melissa & Grant, north of Sydney. The Grandmother, Deb, has just returned from visiting little George and assisting with those first days. She was not expecting to assist at the birth of 7 puppies produced by Melissa’s pedigree bitch the day after she arrived! Being a Charge Midwife, we thought it would make an interesting addition to her CV!

The opening of the second house in Tonar St for five ladies was held at the end of August. A low key, happy occasion, and very nice to meet all the Trustees and their wives from Torbay Baptist Church, who have worked so hard to establish this much needed accommodation for seniors. At time of going to print, there is one room left at the new house, the first house now having its full complement of five.

We look forward to all the exciting things ahead in September in our Community of St. Aidans. Remember Robin’s floral art workshop for us on Saturday 13th.


The popular concert at St. George’s in Takapuna is on 21 September and features well known Jazz pianist Ben Fernandez and his Quartet. His female vocalist is particularly good and there is some Indian music in the programme. 2pm, $5.00 and $2.00


“Enthusiasm moves the world” Arthur J. Balfour

“Make big plans and aim high in hope and work”- Daniel H Burnham

Blessings -   Go well and safely.




My lovely daughter in law, Jesse, is training as an occupational therapist, and she is looking for people who would be able to participate in her research project for a Master’s degree at UNITEC.

If you :

  • Have osteoarthritis in your writing hand
  • Are 65 years old or over
  • Haven’t had hand surgery within the last six months
  • Are not currently being treated with cortisone injections

then you are eligible to take part in Jesse’s project.

A new pen has been designed which may be easier to grip for people with osteoarthritis in their hands. The trial is to compare this pen with a commercially available arthritis pen and an ordinary pen.

If you are interested, you can contact Jesse for more information:

Jesse Dyer Phone: 4868920 ext. 7781 : Mobile: 022 695 3523


Or, let me know and I can give you more information, or ask Jesse to call you.

Thank you very much – Nan – 480 2271