St Aidan’s Meanderings – October 2015

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St Aidan’s Meanderings – October 2015

GREETINGS – What a busy month we all had – added to the usual list of commitments there was the organising, concert, baking, flowers, hostessing of the FLORAL AFFAIR for 2015! A grand and happy occasion it was – the Church looked beautiful with flowers everywhere and such colourful tables set for High Tea.

Our services throughout September were thought provoking and interesting – good to see so many folk at Cafe Church, after such a big day yesterday. Sunday 27/9 saw the induction of our Grace as an Elder – another special occasion for us all.

At last the sun seems to have come to stay – with a noticeable surge of energy round the house and garden – the winter woollies on the line (with just a few held in reserve!!!), the beach looking inviting with Rangi standing tall between the blue water and cloudless sky.   But oh! The dogs! EVERY MAN and his dog were out exercising in the sunshine. Fortunately, with low tide, there was plenty of hard sand, but I must admit the large dogs running wildly are rather intimidating!

Our thoughts are with Jeanne in Canada as she adjusts to a different lifestyle in Canada and as well as mourning the loss of her sister, supports and cares for her sister’s family. Our loving thoughts are with you Jeanne.   Loved your letter to us all and your wonderful spirit.

BIRTHDAYS   We have many folk celebrating their Birthday this month – Many Happy Returns to:   Margaret S; Pat; Yvonne; Anne W – a milestone for Anne this time – congrats on your 80th! Andrea; and our friends Kimberley; Graeme; Rob and Lee in Oz. Have fun.

WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES – We do not seem to have any Anniversaries – is there someone we have missed?

FROM PAT –    The Floral Affair was a most happy occasion and it made a profit of $2,500. Grace and Pat began and ended the programme with duos on piano and organ. The programme items ranged over a wide variety including Peter R’s cornet and trumpet solos, joyous songs by both Hannah and Robin and short piano solos by Oliver and Joseph.   Quite different was the Ukelele Orchestra by David, Peter and their families and the Pop Music Quartet by Birkenhead College students Jake, Thomas and singer Sarah. Connie performed a very special item on two sizes of the Ocarina, an ancient instrument now popular in Korea.

The Church looked wonderful with posy bowls in all the windows and on the beautifully set tables and six large floral arrangements depicting the theme of “Rhythm and Ribbons”. The High Tea of ‘melt in the mouth’ home-made delicacies was plentiful and delicious and an opportunity for vivacious conversation. Thanks are due to very many people who helped in staging the occasion.

LIZ AND DAVID recently spent a month travelling in Europe. The main reason for going was to be part of the support team for their soon-to-be son-in-law Adam, who competed in the World Half Ironman Championship. It was held in the lovely Austrian town of Zee am See. Other members of the support team were Adam’s parents from the USA and Pip (David and Liz’s daughter). Despite very hot weather on race day, Adam finished under 5 hours and made all his supporters very proud.

The next 3 weeks were spent travelling as a group to Salzburg, Vienna, Cesky Krumlov (in Czech Republic) and Prague. All wonderfully interesting places to see with their history. The plan to go to Budapest was changed due to the refugee crisis. They saw a number of signs of this and feared it was only the tip of the iceberg. They parted ways in Prague with the others going to Paris and London and David and Liz going on to Berlin and Munich. The more recent history of Berlin was very interesting and sobering. The German people are open to the dark history of WW2 and the holocaust and all German children visit at least two concentration camp sites before they leave High School. They visited Dachau, outside Munich. It was a painful visit but they felt they had to do it. At the other extreme they saw the start of Oktoberfest and were quite glad to leave the thousands of revellers with their ‘Prost’ and head home to their place on this planet, very thankful for all the blessings they have.

EDITH recently enjoyed her first visit to the Michael King Writers’ Centre on Mt. Victoria where author Tessa Duder reviewed her latest book telling the story of Sarah Mathew, a woman prominent in early Auckland.   Hallowed ground to people with writing ambitions – the house was the Signalman’s family home when I was attending Devonport Primary School all those years ago and one of his sons was in my class! I was enthralled with Tessa’s conversation about her book and amazed at the depth of research that goes into a story based on history.   The day was beautiful – our first taste of spring sunshine – and lots of memories from just being there.

YVONNE has a word of advice for anyone kind enough to lend the car to the grandson sitting his Driver’s License – check that the Warrant of Fitness is up to date! She had one embarrassed grandson!!

For the Rugby enthusiasts there will be plenty of excitement in the next month and we hope plenty of good news for N.Z. Prepare for the build up to end of year, especially now that the weather is showing promise – those household jobs that could not be done in the wet weather will jump out now the sun is shining. October is traditionally the ‘planting’ month to keep us busy.

PLEASE come to the working bee to tidy our church and grounds and take a look at the rosters to see where you can help. See you at the A.G.M.


Kiss your life – accept it, just as it is. Today. Now.

So that those moments of happiness you are waiting for don’t pass you by.

Go well and safely,       Edith.