St Aidan’s Meanderings – October 2014

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

St Aidan’s Meanderings – October 2014

Greetings – -   Many matters to reflect upon in September. The outcome of the election surprised many and taught us all some lessons, as a community, as a Government, we hope to the benefit of our country as a whole. It is to be hoped the tussles on the Left are worked out carefully to the benefit of all.

Our thoughts and support are with Don as he recovers from a slight stroke. Don we wish you well as you work towards your recovery.

BIRTHDAYS   We say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to: Kimberley; Graeme at Warkworth; Rob and Lee in Oz; Pat; Mary A, Margaret S and Yvonne, three of our lovely senior ladies. We hope you all have a HAPPY DAY.

We do not seem to have any wedding anniversaries in October – perhaps you have one and haven’t told me!!

Pleased that the FLORAL AFFAIR, “Wine and Roses” was such a happy and successful occasion, with music, good food and lovely flowers for everyone to enjoy.

Notable in the concert were items by several of St. Aidans’ young people. Grace entertained us with her piano music as we arrived. The programme ranged over a wide variety of music, including Peter’s cornet solos, Hannah’s joyous folk tunes, Mary Boyd and her friends playing 2 harps, a recorder and piano, James and Peter playing a duet on trombone and trumpet, three short piano solos by Oliver, Isaac and Joseph. Quite different was the Pop Music quartet (Thomas, Max, Jacob and singer Stevie) by Northcote College students. Colleen gave two amusing readings.

The Church looked wonderful with posy bowls in all the windows and on the beautifully set tables as well as the large floral arrangements depicting the theme of “Wine and Roses”. The High Tea of “melt in the mouth” delicacies was plentiful and delicious and an opportunity for lively conversation.

The AGM went well, with interesting discussion and we look forward to more discussion/information at “FOCUS FORWARD” on Saturday, 12 October. Remember to mark this on your calendar.

Wellington behaved rather like Auckland when Edith visited recently with “Ship n Shore” for the WORLD OF WEARABLE ARTS. The wind blew, temperature dropped, the rain fell. So it was not a problem to be indoors for the amazing pageant that is WOW, which was created to inspire and encourage creativity and has grown into an internationally renowned Awards Show, with over 50% of the finalists coming from around the world. Pleased to report many of the top awards went to NZers. In addition, perhaps the highlight was staying at the Chateau Tongariro on the way down. The wonderful hotel has been fully restored in keeping with its age (I think it was opened in 1929 – a vintage year) and a large addition completed in 2005. So grand, so colourful, so comfortable – unbeatable service, a sight for sore eyes when approached from National Park. The weather held for us to travel up to the Bruce, immerse ourselves in the first day of the school holidays in Happy Valley and even take a short ride on the chairlift. Wonderful memories rekindled – an enriching experience and lots to think about on the train journey from National Park to Wellington.


To witness the participation of Granddaughter Taylor in the Newmarket Young Fashion Designer Award 2014, I have just attended the Gala Awards Evening “Breaking Boundaries”, held at Auckland Girls’ Grammar auditorium. Several years ago, Taylor met Kimberley at St. Aidans, both girls being of similar age, and they met once or twice over the years. The programme booklet contained photos of the designer candidates and the garments they had entered, and there were Taylor (from Western Springs College) and Kimberley (from Westlake) next to each other in the Senior section. I am delighted to say that Kimberley was a prize winner in the Senior category. It was exciting to congratulate her and of course Wendy at the end of the ceremony. What a lovely birthday present, Kimberley.

We look forward once again to all the interesting events in our programme for October.

A thought for the day ……..

Courage is the small quiet voice at the end of the day saying TRY AGAIN TOMORROW       And

Have faith in your dreams and some day your rainbow will come shining through ……..

Blessings -   Go well and safely.