St Aidans Meanderings – May 2013

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St Aidans Meanderings – May 2013

Greetings – As our wonderful summer recedes the beautiful roses are fading and the salvia have gone to seed, but the dwarf beans, planted in the March rain, are thriving – now ready to eat and  delicious.  Feijoas were smaller this year but so sweet, and we are told there will be a bumper wine harvest – the grapes are big and full of sugar!

The family in London are looking forward to spring being a little warmer – it was not easy going back from holiday in N.Z. to temps of -4deg, specially as they passed through Sydney on the way and had 45deg !!  There seem to be changes afoot in our sportsworld – different teams are winning which makes the competition more interesting.  Amazing Lydia Ko continues to enjoy her golf and provide us with excitement.

We send good wishes to Audrey Walton who is home at Northbridge from North Shore Hospital, awaiting further tests.

BIRTHDAYS – We seem to have no May ‘babies’ celebrating this month, but Gerald and Kay celebrate their WEDDING ANNIVERSARY in May.

Another happy month for Friday Fun Nights – the idea of serving the meal downstairs and having activities upstairs was a good one. The children look forward to it.  And it would seem that our ‘Cafe Church’ has well and truly caught on – for all ages!

As always St. Aidans was well represented at the Northcote Anzac Service and the favourable weather was enjoyed as well by the large crowd who attended Takapuna service. The Maori and TV3 channels did a great job of presenting the Dawn Service at the Museum where the poppy red flood lighting on the building made a memorable picture.  As in recent years, there were even more young people attending services all over the country. It is interesting to note that it is now permissible for descendants to wear the medals belonging to their grandfathers/great grandfathers.  Our Communion service on the Sunday following Anzac Day was particularly memorable as our readings and reflection brought together love and remembrance.

Lake House in Fred Thomas Drive was the setting for the Outdoor Wood Sculpture Exhibition. Imagine being presented with a log of wood to carve into something artistic.  The weather was uncooperative during the early stages of the carving but the sculptors managed to produce interesting results – some bold – some intricate – but to the uninitiated, all amazing.

Nan and Kerr have settled into their new Birkenhead home – contact details of phone and email remain unchanged.

Jeanne’s son Jacques is back in Melbourne for his 6th year in Medicine and Vicki is back at Waikato for her 5th year in International Business Management.  Remembering them when they first came to Northcote, it is hard to realise how far they have progressed (and grown up).  As for Jeanne, it is congrats again from us all on the occasion of her graduation ceremony at the Bruce Mason Centre at the end of April when she received her B.Ed. degree.  And as is her way – she ran the Rotorua Marathon early May.  Wonderful!

Again – how time flies – Fleur and Alf’s grandson Luka (5) has already completed his first term at school and has started soccer on Saturdays!  Luka came to his first Friday Fun Night and thoroughly enjoyed it – especially the table tennis!!  Go Luka !

Edith F enjoyed a visit to No. 2 grand daughter Melissa, about 70kms NW of Sydney, in April, during which she experienced yet again the “hugeness” of Australia. Being in a rural area necessitated long motor journeys to go anywhere really. Thankfully, Annie the cow was ‘dry’ so I did not have to show my lack of skill in milking, but they thought nothing of driving 45 mins to buy a pail of raw milk from another producer.  To collect the ride-on mower from the repairer meant taking the ute a similar distance in another direction.  But it was fun to pick raspberries from the garden, as well as a mango and huge pumpkins all growing in their garden.  Brilliantly coloured king parrots, along with laughing kookaburras filled the large trees near the house with occasional flocks of cockatoos flying by.  A stroll took us into a neighbour’s orchard with 4,000 peach trees that he was just beginning to prune!  Before flying home I stayed with N.Z. friends in their apartment at Rushcutters’ Bay where the Sydney-Hobart race starts, and wandered for a while through Sydney Botanical Gardens where there are the largest Moreton Bay Fig Trees I have ever seen – yes, even bigger than Devonport’s!  Sydney’s Harbour is so lovely – so much to see and enjoy.  Pleasant memories – I knew I was home when I awoke to the magical song of several tui in the trees just outside the window.

Have you marked your calendar with coming events:

Sat, 6 July 2 pm, fund raising concert by the Heaven Bent Gospel Choir, at St. Aidans

Sun 11 & 18 August, 6.30pm Speaker Series at St. Aidans

Sat 14 September, 2.00 pm A Floral Affair at St. Aidans





Henri-Frederic Amiel