St Aidan’s Meanderings – June 2013

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

St Aidan’s Meanderings – June 2013

Greetings – We are certainly getting our share of heavy autumn rain – how many times have you heard “but I’m not complaining – we had a wonderful summer”. The plants that have survived and the weeds and the grass think it is lovely – the lawnmower man is delighted as he makes up for lost time in the summer.

When we see the utter devastation caused by the Oklahoma tornado (unbelievably 800m wide and travelling at speeds of up to 320 km/h) we can only be thankful that our part of the world is not prone to such monsters. The tornado that struck Albany and parts of Birkenhead not long ago was frightening enough. A New Zealander studying in Oklahoma is involved in fund raising for the victims. It was interesting to be reminded of the number of ‘storm chasers’ who travel across the world to witness tornadoes. A Tauranga man said the noise was “very, very scary”

And where has that huge wild boar been hiding -? Imagine 156kg of wild boar charging towards you – the hunters who were on a late night walk in the Wairarapa countryside could not believe the size of the ‘monster’ boar which their dogs cornered in thick bush. Roast wild pork for a while for those families…..

Now that the All Blacks are in training, the Provincial teams will have to draw on their other players to win. Again, the competition is hotting up and we are seeing emerging talent.  Looks as though Nadal and Serena Williams are heading back to take the top places in the tennis. I’m not sure what to make of the cricket – will leave that to the experts. And the netball is shaping up differently from what we might have expected – Mystics at the bottom!!!  As a Mother’s Day treat Edith F watched the Mystics/Southern Steel game at Waitakere, expecting Mystics to win !!


We sing Happy Birthday to: Margaret K, Janet, Linda, Gerald, Shona, Dalia, Barbora and Edmund. Our good wishes for a happy month and lots of good things.


Congratulations Alf and Fleur – may you have a Happy Anniversary and a fun time away.

It was great to see Betty Roberts back among us, looking good and glad to be back.

The numbers at FRIDAY FUN NIGHTS continue to grow which is exciting. The folk assisting with such things as reading, maths, etc at Northcote Primary are told that their contribution is worthwhile. Our CAFE CHURCH service was particularly enjoyable – the church looked so bright and inviting (Pentecost) and our musicians treated us to beautiful music at both the ‘Quiet’ service and Cafe Church. We are enjoying learning “Sons of Galipolli” by Chris Skinner.

CONGRATULATIONS to Andre on being elected President of the North Harbour Men’s Probus Club.


Helene and Andre had an enjoyable cruise to Vanuatu in April with their family, when Andre met with his cousin he had not seen for about 50 years. They enjoyed the catch-up.

It was nice for Helene to visit their son in Melbourne briefly in May. He seems to be settling in well. Unfortunately Helene picked up a nasty ‘travellers’ cold which took a while to shake off. She wanted it gone before they took off to visit their daughter in France early June. Safe travel, have fun.

Edith and Val had to be up bright(?) and early for pick-up (would you believe 5a.m.!!) on their journey to New Caledonia with Operatunity at the end of May. Not having been to that particular part of the Pacific, they looked forward to yet another new experience. Watch this space….

Connie and her husband joined the South Island enthusiasts club in May when they joined a group of friends on a short trip to the South. They loved their experience, visiting several interesting and beautiful places, including Milford Sound. It was exciting for Connie to see several of the places they visited featured on Korean television – she couldn’t wait to tell her family in Korea that she had recently visited these places.

Mary has just returned from a wonderful two months overseas holiday.  Four weeks were spent in the UK visiting David in Manchester and his guesthouse in Morecambe followed by a few days in York, Swindon, Hayling, Ireland and London catching up with friends and relations.  Margaret, a cousin and Mary then joined a Cosmos “Grand Tour of France” for fourteen days.  They travelled to some amazing places like Paris, Bayeux, Mont St Michel, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Carcassonne, Avignon, Nice and Monaco to name a few.  It was a most enjoyable tour with a great group of fellow travellers, mainly Australians.  Two more weeks were then spent with David in England again and on the way home with Philip and family in Melbourne.