St Aidan’s Meanderings – March 2015

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St Aidan’s Meanderings – March 2015

St Aidan’s Meanderings

Greetings – What a beautiful summer we have had – a tad too hot for some, but great for the beach bunnies and outdoor enthusiasts. And somehow the sunrise and sunset seemed more beautiful than ever, especially when followed by the full moon. Lovely balmy summer evenings for the campers. It seems that our wet spring paid off, if the local produce is an indication – the local oranges, sweet corn, plums and peaches seem to be the best I remember.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – in March to Jocelyn – it’s climbing up, Jocelyn – is it 88 this year?? To Cam, Malcolm and Nan – have fun people and celebrate.

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY – Congrats to Pat and Colin who celebrated in February. Anyone in March ?? Perhaps it is time to update our birthday and wedding anniversary lists (look out for clipboard).

It is good to see Roxy and Mark settling in to our Community. We do appreciate several of our older members making the effort to come to church – it is so good to see Margaret, Yvonne, Mary, Joan, Jocelyn and Gerald continuing to join in.

OUR SPECIAL THOUGHTS are with Kay and Gerald; Don in North Shore Hospital and Yvonne as she visits and cares for Don; Joan and Rae at Northbridge.

PILGRIM PRODUCTIONS – Mary reports that the play “Harvey” has had 13 nominations for awards in the ACT Trust awards. The results should be known on 14 March.

It is now well past but Auckland’s 175th ANNIVERSARY DAY was a day to remember. Instead of climbing North Head to see the start of the A Class Keelers’ race, that and the tugboat race (with all the antics at the end) were staged off Princes’ wharf. HMNZS Otago was tied up alongside to welcome the VIPs aboard for a cruise amongst the yachts and lunch, to be entertained by the Navy Band, as well as the Navy pipe band playing lovely music on the wharf. The Cloud and Shed 10 were buzzing with activities for families and in Quay St there were large photographs mounted on rectangular blocks, depicting the history of Auckland. Dragon boats raced in the Viaduct Harbour and children paddled on the sea steps below the bridge to the Wynyard Quarter. Buskers provided plenty of ‘casual’ amusement along the way. The area is accessible by bus or ferry to Downtown.

BIG DAY OUT was relaxing and fun at Little Shoal Bay. Far be it from this observer to suggest that anyone cheated in the egg and spoon race!! So nice to have time to chat until the dark cloud that had been hovering decided to drop its load, resulting in a quick breaking of camp and more laughter

OUT AND ABOUT – Pat & Colin had an eventful summer. After a sailing holiday with members of their family they spent three weeks in Meribel in the French Alps, staying with friends in an English chalet. There were plenty of snowy days and Colin fitted in some good skiing while Pat enjoyed the walks on the groomed snow paths.

Then it was home to attend the wedding of their son Maurice in Whakatane – certainly a wedding with a difference, with guests dressed in Art Deco gear, held in Whakatane’s beautiful outdoor auditorium. The party then shifted to “Jazz in the Park”, the entertainment being the Sunshine Capital Big Band. The bridegroom played in the band and the bride, dressed in her wedding gown, was one of the vocalists. The last act was held in a theatre – speeches, dessert and karaoke with all participating. (sounds like my kind of wedding, Pat – what fun you must have had).

The Sharrock family went to the Middle East just before Christmas; Dalia’s father joined them from Lithuania. First port of call was Egypt. They visited Cairo, Alexandria. Gave respect to NZ soldiers at El Alamein. Saqara pyramids, temples of ancient Egyptians, Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbe were highlights of the trip. New Year celebration found them on the cruise boat between Luxor and Aswan on the Nile.

They were happy to leave chaotic Egypt and carry on to Amman, Jordan. Jordan felt less crowded and more orderly. Windy Aquaba, stormy Wadi Rum, snowy Petra, calm Mount Nebo, salty Dead Sea and sunny Jeresh were offering different experiences.

Israel greeted travellers with prolonged customs service at King Hussein/Allenby Bridge, crowded Jerusalem, secure Bethlehem, fogy and white Golan Heights, sunny Masada, quiet Caesarea and lively Akko. Boys could not miss aircraft and tank museums.

Israeli guide was very helpful with finding NZ soldiers graves which were well cared and respected in the Commonwealth Cemetery.

The biggest discovery for Sharrock family was Ethiopia. Vast country with dramatic landscape, friendly people, terraced fields, stone churches and castles was admired a lot. Families of baboons and high altitude in Semien Mountains left special memories. Camels, donkeys and horses were a part of the daily Ethiopian life like carrying water and fire wood. Barbora and Edmund learned how different religions celebrated Christmas and other religious occasions. They enjoyed talking to and playing with kids on the streets. Tasting strange foods was a trial for their taste buds.


This is to be held in St. Mary’s Catholic Church on Friday, 6 March at 10.30am – everyone is welcome. Our Team will be taking part and would like to see St. Aidans folk there.

We look forward to Easter and what it means to us.

A thought for today:



(I don’t always learn from my mistakes, but I try not to let this get me down!!)