St Aidan’s Meanderings – March 2014

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St Aidan’s Meanderings – March 2014

GREETINGS -   We have certainly had some beautiful summer days – a bit too hot for some – with the beach beckoning for a cooling swim.  When Auckland was host to several major events in one weekend, the crowds reminded us of the Rugby World Cup.  Accommodation was at a premium – friends looking for a bed in Auckland had difficulty – everywhere full.  The Auckland Nines proved to be a highly successful tournament – interesting to compare with the Wellington Sevens, with the crowd actually watching the football!

Auckland once again embraced the Chinese Lantern Festival which was as pretty as ever, drawing even bigger crowds, with thousands enjoying the huge variety of Asian food on offer.  Young people turned out in their thousands to the concert at Western Springs, while Villa Maria hosted another successful outdoor concert.   The weekend weather smiled on all events – pleasing to the organisers.

Not only were the gardens at Manurewa Botanic Garden a mass of brilliant colour recently, it was the scene of the biennial sculpture exhibition – always a favourite – and a Begonia Festival.  Begonias being a particular favourite of mine (memories of Butchart Gardens and Ballarat Festival) a visit to the exhibition was a must.  They were exquisite – flowers the size of a plate in every shade and variation you could imagine to tempt the buyer to order tubers for next year. There were also living plants in pots and baskets for sale – how amazing that these huge beautiful blooms grow from that little tuber!

Takapuna Boating Club is a recognised venue for international sailing competitions and recently held a beach carnival of races for outrigger waka.  85 teams, men and women, competed – six crew per boat – so there were hundreds of fit paddlers racing for the Takapuna Beach Cup.  The races were 35 and 42kms and there were crews from all over the Pacific.  The waka all seemed to have been built at Tutukaka. Good to see so many enjoying our lovely beach.

Because of the uncertain weather on the 22nd the BIG DAY OUT picnic was transferred to the Church. Some still had their swim before lunch.  A big thank you to Liz and David and Andrea for their efforts in organising the day – there was plenty of fun and fellowship despite the weather.  Apologies to those who missed the picnic.  Alf is still recovering from his fall in the sack race!

BIRTHDAYS:  We say Happy Birthday to Jocelyn, Malcolm and Nan and hope you all have a special day.

OUR THOUGHTS ARE WITH Joan who is in Ward 11, North Shore Hospital; with Kay in Beachhaven Hospital; and Paquita who is recovering at home.

Connie had a few days out of action when she received a bite from one of our friendly insects and her foot was so swollen she could not wear a shoe.  Happily the foot is returning to normal.

Helene and Andre were pleased to have a visit from Johan, over from Melbourne.  He enjoyed a couple of swims while he was here.

The Greenwood/Fyfe household returned to normal (whatever that is) after two months of activity (including a wedding in the garden) with all daughters home from overseas for all or part of the time.  Not easy returning to the cold of London and the heat of New South Wales from our lovely summer, but everyone enjoyed their stay here and made the most of the good weather.

At time of writing we look forward to the WORLD DAY OF PRAYER ON FRIDAY 7 MARCH, 10.30am which is being hosted this year at St. Aidans.  The service has been written by the women of Egypt.  Everyone is welcome.

A thought for the day:



Benjamin Franklin.

Blessings -    Go well and safely.