St Aidanís Meanderings – July 2015

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

St Aidanís Meanderings – July 2015

Greetings Ė Again an eventful month with records made, particularly with the weather. The sight of raging floods, with the horrible mud left behind in Hokitika and Wanganui was frightening as were the huge waves breaking over the Wellington waterfront.†† Some of the people affected will never be able to return to their homes. And have we, the privileged folk of North Shore, ever felt so cold! That southerly just made you want to stay home. Can you imagine -21deg -? Definitely a touch of frost on the football field.†† The good news is ….we are now on countdown to the longest day!!†† And the other good news for Rugby fans is that there is to be an all-N.Z. final in the Super Rugby Ė and the standard of Rugby in the semis was outstanding. Good luck Hurricanes and Highlanders Ė may the better team win.†† The Warriors had a win too, so we now need the netballers to show their stuff!

HEALTH…… Itís good to know Don is now home and doing well; Betty we hope you are recovering well from your mishap. Word has it that you have good nursing staff! Mary is being cared for at Onewa Lodge; Ann welcomes visitors at Greenvalley Lodge in Glenfield.

BIRTHDAYS : We say Happy Birthday to Don (I make it 92, Don, is that right?); Bruce; Grace; Kay; Stephen; Miles; John. Have a great day folks and celebrate.

WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES: We donít seem to have any in our book for this month.

OUT AND ABOUT:†† Edith had an interesting weekend in Wellington in June. Daughter Kathryn took me to visit granddaughter Taylor and have a look at her University and flat. We visited an interesting business in Petone where special woven woollen fabrics are made on a restored ancient English 19th century loom. The cloak hanging in the showroom was immediately recognisable as that worn by Gandalf and the pointed small hats, waistcoats, etc. from Hobbitton Ė this company made the costumes for Lord of the Rings. After we had made our bookings for Wellington we found that the Jazz Festival was on so we had fun at various gigs, the night market in Cuba Mall and the special Jazz Service at St. Peterís Church. We found the Anzac Story depicted amazingly at Te Papa and the Air N.Z. 75th Exhibition brought many happy memories Ė so interesting to see the beautiful hostesses in their (very) short skirts. A High Tea at the Copthorne was our finale and the flight home exactly one hour. A great weekend.

It was interesting to be invited to the local (Northcote) celebrations of Matariki (Maori New Year) in the form of breakfast at the Community House. Our ladies have also been invited to attend the Community meeting with leaders of local groups, the Police, St. Johnís, etc who are all working towards the safety and betterment of the area and similarly a Neighbourhood Support Group.

Pat and Colin had a few days in Australia visiting family and friends.†† Good to see Colin back to his old self after a few setbacks.

Fleur and Alf have a 4 yr old granddaughter, Sanja, who recently made her debut in a dancing show at the Massey Performing Arts Centre. She wore a silver and white tu-tu with her hair in a bun and looked very pretty. Having been quite shy at class, Sanja surprised her family and her Nana, who was very proud of her, by remembering all her steps and smiling throughout the dance! Perhaps inspired by the other dancers -? A happy occasion for all.†† (Takes one back, doesnít it?)

David and Liz spent time in Brazil and Argentina, attending the International Rotary Convention in Sao Paulo. Following the Convention there was a trip to Rio via the Costa Verde (green coast) with the Rotary Yachting Fellowship. There was time in Buenos Aires and a short trip to central Argentina to catch up with an exchange student who lived with them over 20 years ago. Highlights: Rio de Janeiro and the Christ the Redeemer statue that towers over the city; a day at a resort (warm water and palm trees; good food & fellowship with Rotary friends from around the world; and perhaps the best was spending time with their exchange student, now nearly 40, with a family of her own.†† Not so good highlights: Sao Paulo Ė graffiti everywhere; abandoned buildings; personal security concerns. Argentina Ė the uncertainty people have about the economy and the upcoming Presidential election; corruption and personal security concerns.†† Despite our problems, we are blessed to call N.Z. home.

Publicity for our JAZZ CONCERT is well under way. Two of the organising committee travelled to Whangarei recently to hear the New Orleans Joymakers in concert at the Anglican Church on a Sunday afternoon and they were delighted with the performance. These men have a lifetime of experience playing their kind of music and are sure to please.†† It will be a lively, toe-tapping, afternoon.†† All we have to do now is SELL LOTS OF TICKETS. If we could each sell 2 tickets, that would be great. If you feel inclined, you may like to dress in 20s Ė 30s costume to get into the spirit of the day —–



There is a force within that gives you life.†† In your body

There is a priceless jewel.†† If you are in search of the greatest treasure, donít look outside – – – – look within.

Go well and safely,†††††† Edith.