St Aidan’s Meanderings – July 2013

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St Aidan’s Meanderings – July 2013

Greetings – By the time you read this, we will have enjoyed  our concert on the 6th July by the HEAVEN BENT GOSPEL CHOIR.   A big thank you to all who supported the concert – we all had a good time and enjoyed this special kind of music.

We also say thank you to the Friday Fun Nights team who are coping with increased numbers each time.  It is a wonderful response to our outreach, but more help is needed.  You may be able to help with an activity or provide food for the meal.

What an enjoyable time we all had at the PINK RIBBON breakfast in June.  Thanks to the menfolk who helped prepare and serve the food, for the fellowship created and for the generous donations to the Breast Cancer appeal.

Who has now decided to train for next year’s Marathon? What an exciting (and painful) story of determination Jeanne gave us.  Congrats once again on ‘mission accomplished’ Jeanne – it was great that you had Vicki and Simon there to support you.

Our thoughts are with those of the St. Aidan’s family who have been unwell or have had surgery – Kay in Shelly Beach Lodge; Audrey and Betty.  Kath is recovering from a wrist operation; we are pleased to report that Pat Red is recovering well from her knee replacement operation and gradually walking with less support.

Birthdays   We say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bruce, Grace, Stephen, Kay, Miles, and Jean (a little bird tells us this is 94 – amazing).

We send special greetings to Don – congrats Don on reaching your 90TH – we know you will have enjoyed your family party – keep up the good music !!!

Wedding Anniversary  – congrats to William and Siala– we hope you had a happy celebration.

The inter-church meetings held in June with Zion Hill and St. Lukes Methodists, and St. Andrews and St. Aidans Presbyterians were an interesting beginning to ‘getting together’. There was quite a good attendance and stimulating discussion.  Being a ‘party animal’ it seems to me that it would be a good idea to hold social gatherings with the people of other churches so as to get to know them.

Out And About – It is exciting to have first hand news of our people overseas, both from Rita in sunny Queensland and Liz and David in Europe, walking the Pilgrim trail of Camino de Santiago, across northern Spain.

The fact that their party of 46 travelling with Operatunity included 3 singers, a concert pianist and a concert violinist provided Edith and Val with loads of beautiful music on their visit to New Caledonia – just 2 hours flight away in the Pacific.  Added to this there was an interesting daily programme in Noumea, seeing chocolates and French bread being made, a (French) wine tasting in a leafy glade, and a museum visit which was particularly interesting.  We found that many of the founding dates were similar to those of N.Z., e.g. the arrival of the first missionaries, and we saw the history of two World Wars from the French point of view.  There are still traces of the American presence in WW2.

We enjoyed the luxury of five star hotels – le Meridien – at both Noumea and the Isle of Pines, both right at the beach.  There were swims in the lovely ‘lap’ pool, walks along the river, sumptuous French cuisine, amid coconut palms and the pine trees that give the Island its name, friendly staff, excellent service – a touch of luxury with nice people to lift our spirits and carry us through the winter.

A refreshing touch of music was enjoyed by those who attended the concert at St. John’s Northcote by the Catholic priest Chris Skinner in June.  Chris is the composer of many songs amongst which is ‘Sons of Gallipoli’ which we have been singing.  Stephen Beech also entertained with organ solos.

And for the really OLD people(!!) the ASB Theatre at the Aotea Centre was packed to the rafters for two extra concerts performed by the Glen Miller Orchestra from the USA who played a full concert of Glen Miller and other contemporary favourites, augmented by a quartet of skilled dancers and vocalists.

A LITTLE BIT OF LOCAL HISTORY – Glenfield Presbyterian Church celebrated their 50th anniversary early in July.  The church was established in 1963 under the care of Rev Rex Lang, Minister of Forrest Hill.  We joined the congregation in 1965, an interesting period of rapid growth in Glenfield.  It was a wonderful gathering, renewing old friendships, which lasted all Saturday and all Sunday.  After a celebratory service, during which past Ministers spoke about their ministry in Glenfield, and with some tremendous singing which raised the roof,  about 200 people sat down to lunch , all arranged by the ladies.  It all seemed so BIG to me.  The older ones amongst us acknowledged that we had indeed been blessed with sound Christian, Bible-based teaching at Glenfield,  carried on for some from St. Paul’s in Devonport, who I understand were among the sponsors of Glenfield being established.

We look forward to another exciting month in the Community of St. Aidans.

Thought For Today:

Slow down and enjoy life.  It’s not only the scenery you miss

By going too fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why     (Eddie Cantor)