St Aidan’s Meanderings – December 2014

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

St Aidan’s Meanderings – December 2014

GREETINGS ..Our sports teams finished 2014 on a happy note, with the All Blacks conquering all before them, the Kiwis excelled and our Lydia topped her golfing achievements and is now third in the world. Exciting for her family and school friends. As we go to print the Black Sticks are doing well.   The sporting world was thrown into sadness with the death of a batsman and an umpire in international cricket – both unbelievable events.

We look forward to welcoming Roxy Gahegan, our Intern for the coming year, when she joins us early December.

The Church’s 126th anniversary on 16 November was a happy occasion, made interesting by the historical references Alf had researched. Good to see family members and past members along to enjoy Cafe Church.   The end of November was a busy time, with the final Friday Fun Night and Alf’s Thanksgiving Party when St. Aidans folk gathered with Alf and Fleur to celebrate their five years with the Community, to remember past long serving members and to switch on the Christmas Star. We trust that Fleur will soon be restored to good health to enjoy the holiday season.

It was great to see Anne G along for the Hymn service at the end of November. And it is special to see our ‘senior’ ladies at church – Joan, Mary, Margaret and Yvonne. All seems to be well at Northbridge.

BIRTHDAYS  we say Happy Birthday in December to Anne G; Judith and Bill; Fleur and Alf; and Gerald S.   And it’s Congratulations on their wedding anniversary to Bill & Judith; Andre & Helene; Jimi & Willie.

In January, it’s Happy Birthday to Rachel; Jessica. Congratulations on their wedding anniversary to Joe & Wendy; Yvonne & Don.


GRACE‘S trip to Perth was short but enjoyable – she visited son David. She took an old school friend with her and they toured the lovely vineyards of the Margaret River. The main reason for the trip was the wedding of her husband’s grandson – it was a Baha’i wedding which was a new one for Grace. The week went all too quickly – it was 38deg when she left Perth and 10deg on arrival home!

ROBIN had a wonderful holiday in the South Island – only 3 wet days in 3 weeks!! The spring flowers in Christchurch were magnificent; highlights were Hanmer Springs and Mt. Cook in cloudless blue skies. She did manage to see one or two yellow eyed penguins while down there. A refreshing holiday in our lovely South Island.

EDITH was in Turangi for the graduation of grandson Harry (20) from the Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre (Ruapehu) 2 year course. It was a jovial occasion – films were shown and stories told of some of the students’ adventures. A hearty meal was served at the Centre by staff and volunteers. While in the area we visited the Trout Hatchery out of Turangi and learned that the fishing is now self-sustaining in Lake Taupo. The Hatchery supplies trout for the children’s fishing pool where volunteers teach children to cast and catch a trout which they are then able to take home. It is hoped they will return as adults to fish. Years ago the Hatchery consisted of large tubs of fingerlings to stock the Lake. Now it is a wonderful display of photographs showing the creatures of the Tongariro River and the Lake, with information on conservation. Staff were on hand to answer our questions. The snow-capped mountains looked superb in the sunny blue sky as we paid a quick farewell visit to the Top o’ the Bruce – all rocks and no snow but the cafe was open!

Grace and Taylor (18) granddaughters, are off to University next year. Second great grandson George (4 months) came over from Sydney with his mother, Melissa, to meet his NZ family. He received big hugs from cousin Niko (18 mths)!

Liz and David spent a couple of weeks away with the Rotary Yachting Fellowship on a “slow boat from China”. They were on a cruise ship (over 3,000 passengers) from Shanghai to Singapore, with stopovers in Xiamen, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Singapore. 4 days in Shanghai – a busy and vibrant city – where East meets West. It is a city of 24 million with an annual growth rate of 10%! In contrast Xiamen has only 3 million. They enjoyed a few days in Singapore, going down memory lane, visiting places and meeting people they knew from living there 35 years ago – a much changed place from the Singapore they knew but the changes they saw were positive and it is a place they will return to before too long.

HAPPY NEWS – David and Liz’s daughter Pip has become engaged to Adam. They will gain another ‘international’ son in law as Adam hails from Maine, USA.

We look forward to the Season of Christmas and its blessings. We hope that the summer weather decides to visit us soon.   For those travelling over the holidays, we wish you safe travel and return. May we all enjoy the Spirit of Christmas in our Community of St. Aidan. Let’s all bring family, friend or neighbour along to Cafe Church to share this special place we have.



“Let the past drift away with the water ……..

            One day at a time… this is enough. Live in the present

            And make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering ….”

Blessings -   Go well and safely.