St Aidan’s Meanderings – August 2014

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St Aidan’s Meanderings – August 2014

GREETINGS – -Winter has definitely decided to stay a while – lots of rain – the odd frost (when my windscreen wipers needed assistance from some warm water to get going) – and some beautiful crisp sunny days to brighten our lives. Are you doing your physical jerks? Definitely helps to warm up and get going. For the Rugby fans, lots of interest in the Crusaders – can they carry off the Super Rugby championship??   Great to see our young (and not so young) sports people excelling at the Commonwealth Games – the Scots have done a great job in Glasgow and it was fun to see some of the ‘Royals’ in our competitors’ photos. Some events have been quite emotional – a huge build up for the athletes.

Our thoughts are with Ann as she adjusts to life at Greenvalley Lodge; Mary A recovering after a spell in hospital; Joan doing well in NorthbridgeHospital; Anne is home again after a second spell in hospital after a knee replacement. Unfortunately an infection required Anne to return to hospital. She is now resting at home, hoping that her medication will do its work and healing will happen; Paquita is recovering from surgery in N.S.Hospital; Marion’s granddaughter Emma is in MiddlemoreHospital undergoing tests.

BIRTHDAYSWe send Birthday Greetings to Sheila; Joan; Don; Mary; Muriel – 99 this year – big party next year Muriel!

WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES      Nan and Kerr; Malcolm and Margaret– party next year M & M. Congratulations from us all, enjoy.

After a little break, we look forward to seeing the children at FRIDAY FUN NIGHT on 22 August.

What an interesting morning we had at CAFECHURCH in July when Alf took us through the history of the Bible. With a little jogging it is surprising how many of these dates and historical events and people are sitting in the memory from years ago. A little historic background makes stories/sermons more interesting.

HEAVEN BENT GOSPEL CHOIR CONCERT – What a “HAPPY DAY” we had with the Choir. They look and sound so happy, it’s infectious. Phil, their conductor, has a Bachelor of Music (Jazz) and regards it a privilege to play our dear Edith Sharrock’s baby grand piano. Though the Choir’s songs are unaccompanied, he likes to accompany the solos/duets on the piano. A very big THANK YOU to the St. Aidans TEAM for their support and work for the concert – it is a pleasure to have such willing and thoughtful helpers.   The net result ($2,364) was pleasing.

OUT AND ABOUT       Andre and Helene, back home from their travels in North America, will have interesting stories to tell us.

Mary B has been over to Melbourne to visit her son and family; Jeanne enjoyed visiting her sister in Canada and awaits further reports on her sister’s health; Ralph and Rosemarie have been away to business conferences in Sydney and Adelaide (long way to go to a conference folks!) and then to Perth; while in Western Australia enjoyed some R & R at Exmouth, where they caught a little sun and surf; Liz and David report that Jenni and Eric’s house alterations are coming along well. Meantime, they are bunking down at McDowell Cres.

For those who enjoy band music the versatile Royal N.Z. Navy Band performs at the Bruce Mason Centre in Morning Melodies on Monday 15 September at 11am. They are an extremely talented and versatile group of musicians and usually include a march, show music, big band music and Jazz in their programme. They will participate in the Massed Bands Concert also at Bruce Mason Centre on Sunday, 31 August.

Then there is Operatunity at WindsorParkBaptistChurch on Wed 20 August at 11am concert entitled ‘European Romance’ – an Andre Rieu style concert with virtuoso violinist Jessica Hindin (we had the pleasure of Jessica’s playing on two Operatunity trips) and superb classical singers.

We look forward to an interesting and exciting August as outlined by Alf at the end of July.


When you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment

That comes from knowing you are working to make things better”

Go well and safely