St Aidans Meanderings – August 2013

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St Aidans Meanderings – August 2013

GREETINGS – The school holidays have come and gone – some happy times catching up with grandchildren, and generally the weather was pretty good for some outdoor activities (for July that is!).  Those who travelled to the Mountain reported good skiing and the family who went to Bali had a great time, mostly in 30deg!! And what bliss driving on the normally crowded roads @ 9am and finding no queues.  The holidays make a big difference, even driving home at 5pm.

The sporting scene has become exciting, with unexpected winners in some quarters. Our men’s and women’s 7s Rugby teams won world championships and Lauren Boyle won bronze in the World Champs swimming at Barcelona.  Our first in that competition since Danion Loader won silver. What a happy time for the Brits, with Andy Murray victorious at Wimbledon, winning the Ashes from Australia and then the arrival of their little Prince.  Couldn’t help admiring Kate, coming out ‘au naturelle’ to greet the waiting crowds in the sweltering heat and loved it when William popped the baby capsule into the car and drove off – so different.  Good to see our Skytower and the Museum in blue lights for the occasion even though we are so far away.

OUR THOUGHTS for those of the St. Aidan’s family not so well are with Joan S in North Shore Hospital; Audrey and Joan G in Northbridge.

Nearer home …. it was good to see Pat back on deck with her new knee, looking well and definitely benefitting from her enforced rest.  Jeanne, too, looked well on her arrival back from visiting her sister in Canada, also enjoying 30 deg every day while she was there.  She tells us more about her journey later in ‘Informer’.

We send BIRTHDAY GREETINGS to Sheila, Don M, Mary. Special congrats to Joan S who will be 90 and to Muriel who reaches 98 this month.  We are so lucky to have these special people – we wish them all a happy day to celebrate.

Those celebrating their WEDDING ANNIVERSARY in August are Margaret & Malcolm (58 yrs) and Nan & Kerr (47).  Congrats from us all.


Alf and Fleur enjoyed taking grandson Luka (5-1/2) to Wellington for a few days in July to visit his cousins.  Luka was impressed with the flight and had a few suggestions for the pilot!!  During a week’s leave in August, Alf and Fleur will spend a few days in Queenstown. Hope you’ve got your snowboard Alf!.

It’s nice to hear of one of our number being on the receiving end of a good turn.  During the school holidays Andrea’s sister kindly cared for A’s three children so that she and husband Tim could have a weekend away in Wellington.  They stayed in the city centre and were able to take in the sights, including Te Papa, on foot – no need for a car – Wellington is like that. Glad you and Tim had a good time, Andrea.

Linda’s son Michael, is a member of the Northcote College First Fifteen and after a monster fund raising campaign of the past 18 months, the College sports teams travelled to South Africa to compete.  They all did well, the Rugby team winning three out of four games.  A wonderful effort from a large number of supportive adults and a great experience for the team members.

As the build up to the show “NZ’s Got Talent” approaches we must be on the lookout in the advertisements for our (amazing) Grace who has been cast as the ‘dare devil grannie’ and gets up to all sorts of antics – climbing – motorcycling – not only does she play beautiful music for us, she’s a movie star as well! Be alert, people, and watch for the ‘dare devil grannie’ !!

Mary tells us that PILGRIM PRODUCTIONS is rehearsing for “The Importance of Being Earnest” which will be on from 11 – 21 September.  You may like to get a group together. Further enquiries, contact Mary.

Much joy descended on the Fyfe/Greenwood household on 13 July when Sally (our netballer) and partner Vini produced a bouncing baby boy weighing 9lb2oz.  Deb became a Nana and Edith became a Great Nana – everyone went up a notch in the hierarchy!  Edith’s brother became a Great Great Uncle !!  People came from far and near (including Oz) to see our wee boy and happily the three of them are doing fine.

A message from the Heaven Bent Gospel Choir – they thoroughly enjoyed performing for St. Aidan’s and commented on the great reception they had.  Seemed like a two way thing to me – happiness going both ways.  Almost a warm fuzzy!!

REMEMBER TO MARK YOUR CALENDAR for the Speaker Series Sunday August 11 and 18, and A Floral Affair Saturday September 14.  Tell your friends and family and bring them along.

WATCH OUT FOR Friday Fun Night – you may be able to help with an activity or food.

CAFE CHURCH is a good chance to bring along family and friends.



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