St Aidanís Meanderings – April 2015

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St Aidanís Meanderings – April 2015

St Aidanís Meanderings

Greetings Ė I am writing this monthís meanderings for Edith who has taken off to Sydney to spend a few days with her granddaughter before setting off on a cruise which brings her home via Melbourne, Hobart and Milford Sounds. We are thankful Edithís cruise didnít coincide with the cyclone which Auckland survived almost unscathed. Others on the east coast had troubles with the wind and high seas, however, many locals welcomed some rain for the garden and the filling up of water tanks. Our hearts though, go out to the people of Vanuatu who must have been terrified to be faced with a storm of such magnitude.

APRIL BIRTHDAY GREETINGS TO: Betty, Audrey, John, Wendy, Val, Edith and Eden.

WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES:†† Bruce & Betty, Helen & Brian (Sandspit). Lee & Rob (Oz)

Our thoughts are with the family of Joan Garry who passed away peacefully on the 20th March. A little lady with a huge personality.

Edith also mentions that some of the congregation will be sad to learn of the passing of her sister-in-law, Alison Bucknall (nee Fyfe) in Queensland at the age of 89. She was born in Takapuna, attended Belmont primary and Takapuna Grammar school and went on to become a well-known artist.

Our thoughts will be with Jeanne on the 28th March as she takes part in a marathon up and around Motutapu and Rangitoto Islands. This marathon is the only time runners and mountain bikes are allowed into the area as it is a strict conservation area. Volunteers visit the area from time to time to plant native trees and visitors can arrange overnight visits to experience the true value of our natural wildlife.

Congratulations go to the Pilgrim Productions Team who we have close links with. They recently picked up four awards, rather like our own local version of the Oscars. The awards were for: Best Director: Best Male Actor in a Leading Role: Best Lighting Design: Outstanding Comedy.

On Sunday 22nd March Colin and Pat joined a flotilla of 300 yachts and launches in the ĎStop Stealing our Harbourí protest. Completely orderly and legal, the boats circled around the wharf area for an hour. The huge crowd both on and off the water expressed the strength of feeling of many Aucklanders. Colin raised a cheer from pedestrian protestors on the wharf by playing the General Salute on his bugle, traditionally the shipís foghorn.

Recently Andrea had a very happy family gathering. Her Mum turned 80 which brought her sister back from Australia to help celebrate the milestone. In all her Mum had her four daughters and eleven grandchildren together to share this special time together.

Many of our congregation friends have family and friends living or working overseas so it is always a pleasure to hear news of them.

Marionís daughter Elise is a well-recognized choral conductor and lecturer having made quite a name for herself when she was leading the Westlake Girlsí Choir. Elise was recently invited to lead the Newfoundland Choir in the USA and to give a lecture which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to rather a nasty snowstorm.

Dalia has told me that a Lithuanian Embassy has recently opened in Parnell. A little bit of her homeland come to NZ.

Some members of our congregation have been members of the Northcote Ladies Probus group which unfortunately has had to close. Many of the members have been loyal to this club for many years and have shouldered committee responsibilities but now the time has come when the club has been forced to close due to nobody wishing to take on committee responsibilities. Edith Sharrock presided over the group in 2006 at the age of 90 followed by Edith F then Ann W. Edith S. being given a special award for her commitment. Times change, communities change due to age and ethnicities. A bit sad really.

Finally Ė Once more our country has reason to be proud and celebrate when NZ beat the West Indies by 143 runs after an amazing innings from Martin Guptill, the hero of the day. He scored the highest World Cup score, the 5th player to pass 200 in an ODI international, the highest score by a kiwi in an ODI and the 2nd highest in ODI history. With the quarter finals done and dusted there are now just two games to go until the final next Sunday.

I thought it was lovely that the Church Council made a special time out of their meeting to celebrate the birthdays of several of our elderly elders. Wine and savouries Ė wonderful.

Edith always finishes her meanderings with a quote. Here is mine.

ĎLife is the music that dances through our days, nights and years. May yours be a symphonyí.