St.Aidan’s Meandering – October 2012

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

St.Aidan’s Meandering – October 2012

Greetings -  What are your thoughts on the new Herald?  Takes a bit of getting used to – still finding my way round!  And what about Richie McCaw’s sabbatical – can he take a break and retain his form for the next World Cup??  The Silver Ferns certainly gave us some excitement with their (narrow) wins over Australia – the first Test was probably the best game of netball I have ever seen.  As the Australian Captain remarked after the game, every member of the N.Z. team was a winner – best Kiwi team she had seen (and she has been in the game a long time).  And Valerie finally got her Gold!  A generous occasion provided by ANZ and good to see the ‘Cloud’ being used again.  Brought back memories of the fun and camaraderie we had this time last year, with teams and supporters roaming round Auckland for the Rugby World Cup.


Wasn’t the ‘Floral Affair’ a wonderful success.  A big ‘thank you’ to the organizers and to those who provided excellent entertainment, food and flowers.  There are always lessons to be learned on a ‘first’ occasion.  The ‘HIGH TEA’ was a knock out and there were many smiling faces at the end of the show.


BIRTHDAYS  This month we say Happy Birthday to Kimberley F;  Mary A (I think it is 89 for Mary this time);  Margaret S;  Yvonne M; Pat  R;  Rob Ripley over in Oz.  We hope you all have a happy day and lots of good things.


OUR LOVE & PRAYERS go to Wendy Franklin for her recovery in North Shore Hospital

To Joan Spencer also recovering in North Shore Hospital;

To Gerald and Kay, that they may continue to find strength;

To John Chambers that he will respond to rest.

We are pleased to report that Fleur is recovering well after surgery and is appreciative of prayers and well wishes.  And Alf is recovering well and his back is healing well.

Robin decided not to travel and enjoy the warmth and beauty of France.  Instead she spent the time in Southern Cross Hospital having hip replacement surgery.  She is recovering well under the loving nursing expertise of sister Isabel (sisterly love ???)



Bev A is looking forward to a visit from daughter Sally from the Gold Coast.  They will do a bit of tripping round while Sally is here and have an interesting programme planned.


Now we no longer have to go to the Himalayas to witness a mountain rescue.  During his last visit to Ruapehu, Colin experienced just such a rescue.  Colin writes:


“I was skiing at Whakapapa in excellent conditions on Friday 21 September. As usual the piste* was hard packed in the early morning but brilliant sunshine melted the frosty snow to give easy skiing by noon.  Three friends and I skied the “Black Magic” off piste run outside the ski area to the west.  This area is remote and not patrolled by the Ski Patrol, there are no warning signs for the numerous hazards so skiers must be able to cope with challenging conditions.


We were 3/4 of the way down the run when we heard a cry for help.  A skier had fallen down a hole and could not get out.  As I am the fastest skier of our group I skied to the base of the chair lift to request the attendant call Ski Patrol.  I met two Ski Patrollers at the top of the lift, we ascended a T-Bar and I led the Patrollers to the accident site on our skis.


The victim was a 46 year old man from Tauranga, skiing with his daughter.  He skied over snow covering a small waterfall, broke through the snow and fell 4-5 metres to the base of the waterfall.  He broke his collarbone plus he was soon suffering from hypothermia from falling in the ice cold water.  He was still calling for help when I arrived with the Ski Patrollers.  Although we could hear his calls he could not hear our response from the surface.


The Ski Patrollers called for help and there were soon 5 Patrollers present.  There were no nearby rocks to secure a rope so 3 pairs of skis (including mine) were buried in the snow horizontally at a depth of at least 1 metre, with a webbing strap from the centre of the skis.  Imagine a T cut in the snow with the skis at the top of the T.  We had a 3-1 purchase on the rope, lowered a Patroller down to the victim and hauled both Patroller and victim up together.  I was hauling on the rope with four others.  The victim was loaded on to a sledge and taken to the emergency room at the base of the ski field.


The Ski Patrollers were very skilful in their work, did not rush the job and set up a back up belay in case the hauling rope broke.    A dramatic afternoon for Colin.”


Thank you Colin for sharing that with us.  One wonders where the victim’s daughter was and did you hear anything further of the skier and his recovery.


JUST A THOUGHT – Have you offered your name for any of the Church rosters?  The cleaning is not onerous and can be shared by two people (not necessarily ladies);  the flowers do not have to be elaborate – a simple vase is fine;  door duty is easy and help is always available for entering the records afterwards.  Please think about it, your help is needed.


Look forward to seeing you at Rise n Shine, Kids n All and Friday Fun Night.  You may be able to help with food or a simple activity.






Go well and safely……………….


*piste:  a ski run for compacted snow