St Aidans Meandering – May 2012

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St Aidans Meandering – May 2012

Greetings -† What a beautiful spell of weather we had in April.† Easter stayed fine for the campers, despite forecasts for rain.† Great for school holidays.† Gisborne had a rough time with major flooding and huge slips, one of which destroyed the railway line, causing major transportation problems for harvested crops.

There seemed to be many bright spots in the early season of winter sport – the Black Sticks raised our hopes by beating Australia early in the tournament, only to be pipped by them in the final.† The highlight had to be the Breakers’ win over the Perth Wildcats – that gave everyone a lift.† Early season netball was exciting, with games won and lost by one goal – hopefully Auckland Mystics will come back to winning form!

Much has been happening in our church community. While Alf was on leave we welcomed†Greg from the Methodist fellowship to†lead the service on 15 April, after an enjoyable ‘Rise and Shine’ breakfast.† We hosted N.S. Presbytery at the end of April when there was a presentation on Community Ministries and Kids Friendly and our other activities.

We continue to uphold Anne and Don as they cope with health problems.

Our sincere condolences to our dear Mary in the loss of her son Don.† Nothing prepares us for the loss of a son or daughter and Mary Arblaster and Don were specially “good mates”.† Our love to you Mary.

BIRTHDAYS†† Ralph celebrates his 75th milestone this month, as well as the 40th anniversary of his arrival in N.Z. Congrats Ralph – we glad you decided to come to Kiwiland.

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY† Gerald and Kay† make their anniversary this month – congrats and good wishes.

OUT AND ABOUT† Margaret Shepherd enjoyed her tour of the North with Travelwise (not Moa Trek as previously mentioned) and the cruise in the Bay of Islands aboard ‘Ipipiri’ was delightful.

Andre & Helene talked on Skype with daughter Karen, now living in Lyon (France) for her work as a Scientific Editor. She had fun showing her parents round her apartment† by phone so that they can now picture exactly where she lives. Karen says she has very little French but is learning fast !!

Don had the pleasure of having No. 2 son Greg to stay for a month while he was involved in the transport side of a film production called “Emperor”.† This is based on the time just after WW2 when General McArthur ruled Japan. The location sites chosen to represent outdoor scenes in Japan were amazing:† Monte Cecilia was a stand-in for an Embassy in Tokyo;† cement works, Warkworth, and the wreck of a freezing works fire at Southdown for bomb damaged areas of Tokyo;† even the local Hato Petera was used for one scene.† Most of the filming was done at night because the lighting could be controlled, so Don didn’t see much of Greg as he slept during the day !!

Ralph & Rosemarie attended a memorable concert for Easter.† In spite of a slightly negative review in the Herald, they thoroughly enjoyed the performance of “Et Resurrexit” by the Graduate Choir and Auckland Baroque at Holy Trinity Cathedral.† It was a glorious Easter celebration on a scale that was not lost on the appreciative audience that filled the Cathedral.† Lovers of sacred music were†well rewarded for their attendance.† It was a rich cultural experience not to be missed.

Pat and Colin had enjoyable sailing in the Hauraki Gulf over Easter, making the most of the good weather.

Edith has been exploring a few of the local tracks in Le Royís, Kauri Glen and Chelsea. On one of those magnificent ‘blue’ days she had a sizeable walk over Shakespeare Park, Whangaparaoa.† Tiritiri was ‘just over there’, Coromandel a little further away, and the yachts below were having a vigorous sail in a strong souí-easter. Great panoramic views from the top of the track.† We are so fortunate to have these places to enjoy.

Alf tells us that, along with brother John from England, son Daniel and son- in- law Antony, he planned to walk the Tongariro Crossing.† Alas, after walking from Whakapapa to the Mangatepopo Hut, carrying a 15kg pack, he was unable to complete the crossing.† The rest – younger and fitter – completed the tramp.† Alf says “sometimes a man has to know his limitations!”† Good on you Alf.

Be sure to mark your calendar with coming events.† Here’s one for ‘forward notice’† – – – There will be a fund raising JAZZ concert at St. Aidan’s with the Vintage Jazz Band on SATURDAY, 21 JULY AT 2 PM.† Tell your family and friends.


Go well and safely.

It is vain to say human beings might be satisfied

with tranquility; they must have action, and they

will make it if they cannot find it.

Charlotte Bronte (1816 ~ 1855)