St Aidan’s Meandering – August 2012

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

St Aidan’s Meandering – August 2012

Greetings –  What a wonderful sight it was to see the picture of the Magic netball win in the Trans Tasman League – and what a fitting conclusion for a brave Irene van Dyk who must have had to draw on every ounce of her resources to play the match when she really wanted to be in South Africa.  Even the confetti that shot out of the canons during the presentation of the trophies was in Waikato colours !  Thank you, Magic for the excitement of a win.


Eyes will be on the Olympics as competition gets under way and thoughts will be with our athletes as they take on the best.  An interesting documentary on TV1 late July presented a picture of the Lydiard/Halberg/Snell golden era and the unsophisticated background and training of N.Z. athletes embarking on the Olympic scene.  Though barred from accompanying the team to the Games, Lydiard attended under his own steam, kept contact with the athletes (through the fence) and saw his coaching methods proved best in the medal winning performance.  Later they were adopted all over the world.


Our dear Don was farewelled in a fitting service of love in July, when folk came from near and far to pay tribute to Don.  He and Anne had been a great team for over 60 years and one of Don’s colleagues recalled attending his ordination 62 years ago.  He had touched many lives and been a friend to many.

Betty is undergoing further treatment at Auckland Hospital, assisted by the Cancer Society with transport.  She sometimes requires back up transport from friends.  Good on you Betty for your positive attitude.

Kath is in our thoughts as she recovers from surgery.  Mary is at home after a spell in hospital and welcomes visitors.


We say HAPPY BIRTHDAY this month to Sheila B, Don M, Mary B, Muriel J (97), Joan S, Lucy B.  Have a happy day folks.

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY congratulations to Margaret & Malcolm and Nan & Kerr.


It was interesting at REFRESH 2 to look at how far we had come since the first meeting.  The outreach to the community was evidenced by the number of activities listed in the back page of our flyer for the Jazz concert.

The Friday Fun Nights will be held once a term now, the first being on 27 July.


A big THANK YOU  to all who supported our JAZZ CONCERT on 14 July.  It was good to see our church full, enjoying the music of the Vintage Jazz Band, as well as the (famous) St. Aidans afternoon tea. The bonus was seeing folk leaving the concert with a smile on their faces.  The fund raising was successful too, being over $2000.  Great to be part of the “Team” in action – all departments – Thank you.

BUILDING BRIDGES continues with volunteers helping at Northcote Primary with coaching maths, reading etc. Always room for more helpers.



Andre and Helene spent two months in parts of the U.S.A.  They were fortunate to have warm seaside holidays as part of their trip. Their son Johan was able to join them at Panama City Beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida and they loved the white sands and warm sea.  While with Johan in Dallas they visited the Aboretum to view an exhibition of glass sculptures, which was one of the highlights of their trip. Helene plans to share this with the Roast Meet lunch folk.  Daughter Karen flew from France for a week with them in Dallas, also celebrating her birthday there.  Karen is settling down in her new home in Lyon.  Andre and Helene had ten days in Fiji with Paul, Annalie, Hannah and Christina before coming home, and enjoyed a day trip on a catamaran, with the whole family snorkelling.


Liz and David are off on French Adventure #2, leaving in August and returning sometime in 2013. They will again look after a small chateau near Carcassonne in the south of France where they lived in 2009, maintaining it for the American owners.  They hope their knowledge of French will improve and intend to do more exploring and travelling. They will keep a ‘blog’ which you will find on, if you would like to keep in touch. David will have monthly meetings via Skype and they will follow St A’s news via the website.  Good luck Liz & David


Our Robin is off with a group of friends to celebrate the 50th birthday of one friend at the Eiffel Tower and a cruise on the Seine.  She will be away five weeks in Europe, visiting parts of the south of France, northern Italy and Switzerland, flying home from Zurich.  We look forward to the tales she will have on her return.  All the best Robin.


Back on the home front, Edith was turning the clock back by taking a walking weekend with family and friends at Scandrett’s Regional Park on the Mahurangi Peninsula – she will be in a sleeping bag, in a bunk !!  Will she survive? Watch this space ………..



(J.C. Watts)


Go well and safely    ……………………………………………