St Aidan’s Finances – June 2013

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St Aidan’s Finances – June 2013

[The following is a précis outline of the Power Point Presentation by Church Council to the Congregation on Sunday May 26th, 2013)

The budget agreed at the last A.G.M. for the year ending June this year estimated we would end the year $21,800 short!

By deferring some items of needed maintenance, and also, because of receipt of several unexpected generous donations, we are likely to end the year with less of a short fall than budgeted. However we will still end the year having spent more money than we received in the year!

These two picture graphs show our estimates of the costs we must meet, and from where we receive the money to enable us to meet those costs.



The shortfall has to come from money we hold in investments –but it is from these investments that we gain interest which helps our finances [for instance, covering costs such as provision for Minister’s housing].

If we continue to cut into these capital investments we start on a slippery slope cutting away an important supply of our income!









Look again at the picture showing the bottles of where our income is sourced. By far the largest source of income comes from regular Parishioner giving. And the most realistic answer to ensuring a balanced budget is to get a bigger volume of money in the largest bottle, because it is the offerings bottle which , BY FAR, produces the greatest income.

Is that a practical possibility??


“The answer is :

the cost of ONE cup of coffee

per week in giving”









Some interesting & pertinent facts:

  • Of the $49,300 received in offerings, the VAST amount comes via the Envelope system which encourages giving on the basis of regular weekly commitment whether attendance or not at weekly Services.
  • This system also enables you to, each year, claim back 1/3 from the Inland Revenue Department so that the actual cost to you is only a portion of the amount you give to the work of the Church.









  • There are 36 listed as giving by way of the Envelope system of which 18 together give over 62% of the envelope giving, and the Envelope system itself accounts for the major portion of the total offerings received.
  • But there are over 80 persons listed on the Church Membership Roll which signifies a significant number do not subscribe in this way,- or perhaps not at all!
  • A cup of coffee, on average costs about $4-00.
  • The following picture shows the huge difference that would result if all members (whether on the envelope system or not) were to increase giving by the cost of one cup of coffee per week.













Point is

That aim is a real challenge

But it is by no means