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On the first Sunday in May I was privileged to attend the service of Thanksgiving at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell conducted by the Rev Jayson Rhodes, ‘in recognition of those who have given the gift of life to others’ – a gathering of the families of donors with recipients of organ transplants.

The Heaven Bent Gospel Choir sang at intervals during the service music appropriate to the occasion adding a touch of beauty to a service charged with emotion.   The congregation was mixed in such a way that we did not know if we were sitting next to the family of a donor, or a recipient – the opening prayers reminded us to “give thanks for the beauty and wonder of creation in all its beauty and fragility” and “to remember those who in dying have given new life to others”.

The first person to speak was from a Donor family, telling us from the heart what it meant to have lost someone whose organs were able to give life to someone else.   A lovely poem was read by a member of a Recipient Family.  A Transplant Recipient then told us about her desperate plight, that there was no way she would survive with her body in the shape it was, and step by step we heard the story of her life saving experience.   A very moving occasion for us all.

Transplant recipients were invited to light a candle, assisted by members of the Transplant Co-ordinators’ team, and Heaven Bent sang a gentle Zulu Church Chorus.

A very moving address was given by Professor Stephen Munn, Transplant Surgeon of the N.Z. Liver Transplant Unit, in which he told the story of a patient, with the patient’s permission, whose life and that of her baby were saved by the last minute donation of a liver from an accident victim.

Members of the families of those who had donated organs and tissues were invited to come forward to receive a gift of a camellia plant from Donor Co-ordinators, the camellia variety is named ‘Donation’.  I was impressed by the number of women  who make up the branches of the Transplant Service who were acknowledged in a special prayer for all health professionals involved in the care and support of all those touched by organ and tissue donation and transplantation.   Their vocation requires them to work closely with people at the most vulnerable time of their lives. Their experiences are held in their memories for ever.

The Closing Prayer -   May we go out from this place, treasuring what has been, thankful for what is, and hopeful for what is to come, remembering always that at the heart of life and of death is eternal love -   Amen.



Saturday 17 September 2016 – 2pm

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The world famous in Northcote St Aidans Floral Affair.

The committee is working to ensure another memorable day incorporating Flowers, Music, and Afternoon Tea.




This is the story of the young woman flying in a two-seater airplane with just the pilot.

He has a heart attack and dies.

She, frantic, grabs the mike and calls out a May Day.

“May Day!  May Day!  Help me!  Help me!  The pilot had a heart attack and is dead and I don’t know how to fly.  Someone help me!  Please help me!”

She then hears a voice on the radio saying: “This is Air Traffic Control and I have you loud and clear.  I will talk you through this and get you back on the ground.  I’ve had a lot of experience with this kind of problem.  Now, just take a deep breath, stay calm and everything will be fine!  Now give me your height and position.”

She then says, “I’m 5’4″ and I support Hillary”

“O.K.” says the voice on the radio, “Repeat after me: Our Father, Who art in Heaven”