Saint Aidanís Church Council Report – July 2020

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Saint Aidanís Church Council Report – July 2020

Changes to Services in July

July 19th As you know, on July 19th there will be separate worship services at Saint Aidans and Saint Andrews, followed by congregational meetings. These are the meetings at which we are able to vote on the important recommendation from Ministry Settlement Board which would start the process of moving from our two separate churches to one. You are very much encouraged to attend these meetings.

July 26th July Cafť Church service will be moved to July 26th. This Cafť Church service will also be a memorial service for Margaret King who sadly died during lockdown. Instead of our usual Table Talk, we will be able to share memories and stories about Margaret and what she has meant to us personally, and as a member of the Saint Aidanís family.

Colin will be on leave on July 26th.

Health and Safety

Our thanks to Rachel Hurr and John Railton of the Health and Safety Team, and to others who helped to prepare our church for safe re-entry when we reached Alert level 1. It has been good to meet in person again, and also to see those who are still joining us via Zoom. We may still acquire a QR Code for the church.


Our heartfelt thanks to David and Rosemarie, and to others who helped deal with the results of a leak which occurred during lockdown. Some roof tiles were dislodged and this allowed rain water to get into the cupboard in the Spencer Lounge and to move down into the Lindisfarne Lounge, causing considerable dampness and damage to what was stored in the cupboard and to carpets and skirting boards downstairs. Thanks to their efforts everything was back to near normal when we returned to church; we really appreciate all that you did.

Offerings and donations

There has been a significant drop in donations / offerings during lockdown. We are reminded that it is possible to make offerings/donations to the churchís bank account. A service of Thanksgiving was held on June 28th. If you were not able to make a Thanksgiving donation then, and you would still like to do so, it will be thankfully received Ė see Treasurer or any member of Church Council. We hope to have information for you about fundraising activities before too long.

Contact numbers and important dates

We realised while trying to contact some of our community that Saint Aidans no longer holds emergency contacts/next of kin phone numbers for members of the congregation. Your elder will contact you to ask if you are willing to give us such a number. This will not be part of the usual phone directory, but will only be available to your elder and Church leadership if it is needed.

On a more cheerful note, we would like to be able to wish Happy Birthday or pass on other congratulations to members of the congregation; Grace has a list for Grace Notes, but it is very out of date. If you would like to share your important dates with your elder we would like to know them.

Nan, for Saint Aidanís Church Council