Responses from 126 Anniversary Service – December 2014

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Responses from 126 Anniversary Service – December 2014

At our Café Church on our 126th Anniversary Sunday we discussed ways St Aidans may continue to serve the Northcote community in the 21st Century.


We suggested the following:


  • Continue on the path we are currently travelling – worship services
  • Continue being Kids Friendly
  • Continue to demonstrate love and sharing
  • Become more active in sharing our faith
  • Demonstrating our core values by what we say and do
  • Build on our strengths and continue current outreach


  • Continue to branch out in ways that involve our community
  • Involving others, using a team approach
  • Continue on hosting Friday Fun Nights and KIDS N ALL
  • Be careful not to spread ourselves too thinly, but be strong in what we are currently doing


  • Look forward to opportunities with our new intern Roxy
  • Continue Drop Inn for Residents of Regency at Shoal Bay Villas
  • Continue to strengthen ties with Northcote Primary
  • Supporting Hospital Chapel Services
  • Continue donating food to Inter – Church North Shore Food Bank
  • Continue giving to those in need: eg Christmas Boxes
  • Doing good without being dogmatic
  • Create volunteering opportunities in the community
  • Clean up projects in our community
  • Listening and addressing people’s needs were we are able.


  • St Aidans to become a meeting point, mutual support and a place of refuge
  • St Aidans to be a place of learning and support.


  • Invite those outside, neighbours and visitors to have fellowship over a meal
  • More entertainment and education with creative activities for KIDS and YOUTH
  • More youth involved with ARK@S


  • Keep up with Technology
  • Be more decisive in advertising our presence to the wider community, that we are KIDS Friendly