Over The Tea Cups – December 2011/January 2012

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Over The Tea Cups – December 2011/January 2012

Greetings – – The delicious fragrance of beautiful roses wafting in from the garden and the happy music of a tui chortling high in a nearby tree, together with all the other birds singing in the trees all tell me it is spring. Margaret and Malcolm enjoyed their tour of southern gardens in November, appreciating the peonies and other plants that we Aucklanders admire, growing in peoples’ gardens. It is a nice time to travel and no doubt the broom is brightening the countryside with its brilliant yellow flowers.

Some people do amazing things. Did you read recently about the 43 year old Lisa Tamati from New Plymouth running “ultra” marathons? Her challenges have taken her from the scorching temperatures of Death Valley and the Libyan Desert to the 222km trek over the Himalayas!! Her ‘sport’ is described by a colleague this way – “competitors push through physical and mental breakdown in an attempt to complete a course through the most inhospitable environment imaginable”. She has her sights set on the†Antarctic†100km run, average temp minus 20C.

Then there is the story of 72 year old Fred Tooley, a supermarket worker from Glen Innes, who applied for and was selected to crew in the Clipper Round the World Race. Always a sailor, but never in ‘blue water’, he was thrown into a 2 year training regime of gym†visits†and sailing and navigation classes, realising his dream of participating in the Clipper Race. The only NZ port of call was Tauranga and the first sight of the south coast ‘was fantastic’. The race will end on the Gold Coast and Fred will return to NZ after Christmas. He says “if anybody else out there is retired… keen to†fulfil†their dreams, don’t think about it, just do it.”

It was good to see Edith Sharrock at church again. We send ‘get well’ wishes to those who have had the ‘everlasting’ cough and cold and to those in pain. Bev Alquist has had knee surgery and has moved to the rehab ward at North Shore Hospital, making good progress. We continue to remember Alison Chambers at Patrick Ferry House.

BIRTHDAY GREETINGS this month to Anne Glenny, Don Glenny, Edith Sharrock, Judith Houghton, Bill Houghton, Fleur Taylor, Alf Taylor and Gerald Sharrock.

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY CONGRATS to Bill & Judith Houghton, Andre & Helene Muller, Jimi & Willie Colven

BIRTHDAY GREETINGS for JANUARY to Jessica Franklin and Rachel Hurr

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY CONGRATS in JANUARY to Wendy & Joe Franklin, Yvonne & Don Matheson

What a busy and interesting month it has been – The Kids n All Grandparents’ Day was a success, as was ‘Rise & Shine’, with the accent on the Church foundation 80 years ago. No doubt about the coffee!! The ‘Drop In’ mornings and Roast ‘Meet’ lunches are well attended and appreciated by all who come.†The Friday Fun Nights have really taken off with increased numbers each week. The children enjoy their meal and activities and go home laden with things they have made. December 2nd will be the last one for 2011.

It was great to see friends from the past coming together for the 80th anniversary of St Aidans present church, to think about the people who built it and nurtured it over the years. Interesting to hear stories about how things were and how they relate to ‘now’. We are fortunate to have folk who recall the early days and their stories revive memories for us all – Sunday School and Bible Class were an important part of our lives. Should we be considering inviting St. Andrews to join us more often – ? Wasn’t it good to see the church full, hear the wonderful singing to the superb music of Grace and Pat, to hear meaningful messages and to enjoy fellowship over morning tea.

SANTA PARADE Did you see some pretty flowers in the Santa Parade? One specially pretty one was Jessica Franklin who was a very excited little girl taking part.

A parade of a different kind moved through Takapuna recently – in the form of a “White Ribbon” motorcycle cavalcade on its way north to draw attention to the campaign “Men Against Violence”. Local members of the charity greeted the motorcyclists at St George’s church and exchanged greetings before they moved on through the North Shore to Dairy Flat, and eventually to Kaitaia. Quite an impressive sight.

Rita has had happy news from the family in Oz. Ramie has completed his first year at school and received two awards, one of which was the “Care” award for showing kindness and consideration to others. A good start, Ramie.

And Karen’s daughter Alexandra (21) is to take a 9 week internship with a company in Sydney towards her degree in Business Studies. She will take time out to come home for Christmas.

Liz & David Hansen are about to explore the wilds of Indonesia to visit Jenni, Eric and Lucas in their new home. They have been warned that it is ‘hot and sticky’ so we hope there’s a swim somewhere nearby..

Edith Fyfe spent a weekend with the Rotary Caravan Fellowship at Arataki, Havelock North. She and a friend stayed in a cottage in the camp and joined in the activities of the weekend. Their programme involved several local interest spots, finishing with a†visit†and talk at the Port of Napier where thousands of logs were being loaded for overseas as well as a container ship loading up. Napier expects 75 cruise ships in the season. Their large tug had been on stand-by at the wreck of the Rena.

We look forward to our Christmas tree and its decoration; to the Christmas Eve service of Carols and Communion and the combined service with St Lukes on Christmas Day.

Our thanks to all who have made our year so exciting and pleasurable; who have encouraged us to new beginnings; for our spiritual awareness and learning again to reach out and care for one another. May we carry this blessing to our families and friends over the holiday time.



Thanks, Edith, for your interesting and entertaining†contributions†each month.


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