Notices – Sept 2012

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Notices – Sept 2012


St Aidan’s Pianos



Edith’s Grand Piano


Moving the Piano

Our Piano Tuner advises that it is better not to move the grand piano on our carpeted floor. However as he agrees that this is impossible we should try to move it as little as possible.


When it is necessary to do so we should have several strong men who can take some weight and lift, rather than just push it across the carpet.


Upright Pianos

The Bernstein Piano will be moved downstairs to the Lindesfarne Lounge. A cover will be procured for its protection. It is envisaged that this will then be a useful room for small musical groups.  With the Grand Piano, and the excellent acoustics in the Church, it is expected that St Aidans could become a sought after Centre for Music on the North Shore.


The older piano at present downstairs will be advertised for sale. If there is anybody in the congregation who would like to have it, it is available for a small donation.



       Onewa Art Group

(Water colour painting)

Meets at St Aidans Church on Thursdays between  9.30 and 11.30am.

                                                A tutored Group.  Beginners welcome.


Contact Margaret, 480-9054, if interested.




He who hears music feels his solitude peopled at once.

Robert Browning (1812~1889)English Poet