Notices – October 2016

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Notices – October 2016

God will make a way

Kylie Provan offered a reflection at the service on 25 August.  It was to have concluded with Don Moen’s rendition of ‘God will make a way’.  Technology got the better of us (we are working on perfecting this particular skill so it won’t defeat us next time).  Here’s the url for the YouTube video – beautiful words and pictures –

General Assembly is being held in Dunedin – 15-19 November 2016.

The Moderator Designate – Richard Dawson – has written to all parishes, encouraging as much prayer as possible to be directed towards the following themes prior to and during the GA:

  • God forgive us
  • God save us …. from evil
  • God lead us ….. to love
  • God empower us …. to share the Gospel
  • God help us …. to heal the world.

Further information is contained on prayer cards that will be available shortly and is detailed on the PCANZ website –

He goes on to say – “Our General Assembly is unique and potentially extremely effective because it is not merely a gathering of local churches, nor an executive branch of the Church. Rather, we in the Reformed tradition see this as the whole Church in prayer before the one, holy and gracious God who will answer our prayers, which we will pray in unity and faith together.

“Make no mistake about it; the key task of Assembly is to seek God in prayer for the whole Church. If we are to achieve this, we need to start praying now for this meeting.”

As previously reported, St Aidans submitted an ‘Overture’ calling on the Church Property Trustees to align their earthquake policy to legislative requirements.  Northern Presbytery had prepared a similar ‘Overture’.  To ensure that the ‘Overture’ received the best attention at General Assembly, it has been agreed that a combined ‘Overture’ be prepared.  You may have seen that this has been reported in the latest issue of SPANZ.  Rosemarie has been appointed a Commissioner to the GA and will speak to the ‘Overture’.

Attending the GA as Commissioners from St Aidans are Rev Carolyn Kelly, our interim moderator, and Rosemarie Dawson. Rev Roxy Gahegan will be attending as a Commissioner representing Mairangi Bay.

Dinner Club

The next dinner club outing will be on Sunday 29 October.

To reserve your seat please contact Dale – 418 3793 or text 021 02345 087, or email

Animania Light Party Carnival

St Aidans has teamed up with the Glenfield Salvation Army and Northcote Baptist to bring the annual carnival on Saturday 29 October.

We need your help please – baking to help feed the hungry ‘animals’ and supervision at the event.

Please call Rachel if you are able to assist – 0211042817

See more details later in the Informer.