Notices – May 2016

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Notices – May 2016

Property Trustees Policy on Earthquake Prone Buildings.

A meeting was held on Wednesday 13 April of Church Council with the Northern Presbytery, who were represented by Forbes Worn and Stewart Milne.

The purpose of this meeting was to present to Northern Presbytery a series of questions from Church Council and the St Aidan’s congregation.

Looking back at the meeting we felt that our concerns had been heard and understood by Presbytery.  We received very few answers if any to our questions. This of course was to be expected, because Forbes and Stewart reminded us that Northern Presbytery was ‘the meat in the sandwich’; that the policy had come from the Church Property Trustees not Northern Presbytery; and we were not the only parish struggling in this situation.

Our questions have already been sent on to Property Trustees and to Wayne Matheson, Assembly Executive Secretary, PCANZ.  Both Forbes and Stewart stated that no parish within the Northern Presbytery had presented such a detailed response to this Policy, and they thanked us for the work undertaken.

Forbes Worn agreed to send us details of others parishes in a similar situation to ours. To date this information has not been received.

Regarding our concerns that the seismic report will adversely affect us calling a new minister, our fears were allayed; we may go ahead to call a minister, howbeit with transparency around the building issues and to consider all possibilities for mission and ministry.

Forbes and Stewart were thanked for their attendance and for their consideration of our questions.  To date we have not received any correspondence from the Church Property Trustees nor from the Northern Presbytery. Once we do receive a response, I will call another Congregational Meeting. Until then it is business as usual.

I wish to acknowledge the work undertaken by both David Hansen and Gerald Sharrock in formulating the questions which formed the basis of our conversation, to both David & Gerald – Thank You.

Meanwhile Peace

Alf Taylor for the Executive Team



Keeping you Informed from Church Council

Health & Safety

  • The new Health and Safety at Work Act came into force on 4 April and there are changes that affect St Aidans.
  • The main change that needs to be made is to have someone from the congregation to act as a Health & Safety ‘officer’ to ensure we comply with the new Act.
  • There are guidelines and examples that can be followed in setting up our Health & Safety policy and once this is done, it is not an onerous task to ensure our compliance.
  • If you think this may be something you could do for our Community, or want to find out more, please talk to Alf or David or someone on Church Council.

Dates to note

  • Concert – Saturday 25 June. See elsewhere in this Informer for further information.
  • Alf’s Farewell – Café Church Sunday 19 June
  • Alf’s Final Service – Sunday 26 June

There will be more details in the coming weeks and in June’s Informer.

Liz– for the Executive Team