Notices – March 2020

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Notices – March 2020

Saturday 21 March 2020
Our Dinner Club is a friendly group which meets for a meal once a
month, usually the 3rd Saturday and usually at 7 pm. Dale notifies
people where and when by email or phone, as well as by the church
notices. We pay for our own meal which is usually about $30
depending on how many extras you have. Please let Dale know if you
are interested in joining us.
Contact her on 4283793 or to confirm.

Contributions brought to both of the weekly Sunday Services
are taken to the Salvation Army depot at 430 Glenfield Road.
This month they are short of
>toiletries eg deodorants
>UHT milk
>tinned vegetables eg peas and carrots.
Fresh fruit or vegetables eg potatoes, carrots, onions delivered
to the depot on Monday Wednesday or Friday mornings from
9.30 am would also be appreciated but the weekly collections
at church are dry goods only.

Hunua Easter Camp
If you know of any students who would like to go to Easter Camp at Hunua please get in touch with Rosemary Bold as it may be possible to offer sponsorship.

The February meeting of the Contemplative Prayer Group will take place in the
Lindisfarne Lounge on the lower floor of St Aidan’s Presbyterian Church on
Tuesday the 6th of February at 7 p.m. We will continue watching the next in a series of videos on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin by Sr Elia Delio.
Anyone who has an interest in learning about Centering Prayer, meditation or Contemplative Prayer is welcome to join us.
St Aidans will be hosting the World Day of Prayer this year. The theme is “Rise! Take your mat and walk” and the service has been prepared by the women of Zimbabwe. The service will be held at 10.30 in the church, followed by a light finger lunch.
This is a wonderful opportunity for fellowship with others all over the world who will be celebrating the same service on that day. Please come and join with us.
Please also bring a plate for the shared lunch afterwards.

While reading “The Book of Joy” which recounts conversations between the
Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, I came across an interesting
connection between three words: humility, humour and humanity.
Douglas Abrams, the writer who recorded the discussions of these two world
religious leaders writes in the chapters on Humility and Humour, that: “The
word humility actually comes from the Latin word for earth or soil, humus, –
which sounds a lot like but should not be confused with the simple but delicious
Middle Eastern chickpea dip, hummus. Humility literally brings us down to
earth, sometimes with a thud.” (p. 210)
“Humour, like humility, comes from the same root word for humanity:humus.
The lowly and sustaining earth is the source for all three words. Is it any
surprise that we have to have a sense of humility to be able to laugh at ourselves
and that to laugh at ourselves reminds us of our shared humanity?” (p. 216)
Quotations from: The Book of Joy by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and
Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Douglas Abrams. London, Hutchinson, c2016