Notices – June 2020

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Notices – June 2020

How to practice Centering Prayer
There will be no Come To Quiet in June because of COVID regulations but you could use this video.
For those of you who are new to the practice this will give you a good introduction to Centering
Prayer as well as a practical twenty minute session of putting it into action.

The storm of Covid-19 has rocked and shaken us all. Each bubble, each person – in fact the
whole nation, and maybe all of the world – are in disarray. The invisible enemy is wreaking
havoc like never experienced before. We have a common foe. “Keep the faith, stand firm, do
not be afraid.” These are the words of our Lord Jesus to his disciples in times of trials, fears,
death and uncertainty. Our Lord speaks these words to us, today.
Please keep going forward with how you have faced this intruder in the past seven weeks.
Your resolve and your desire for life is profound. There is nothing stronger in life than human
will. It is a precious gift of God from the beginning of time. You are making a difference for
yourself and others. You are appreciated, valued and loved. “Keep going, do not be tired of
doing good.” (1 Peter 3:13)
Beloved, this dark cloud will not subdue us or cause us to surrender or concede. We will live,
we will learn, we will prosper. We hold on to our hope and to our faith. Our God is the
Creator of heaven and earth. In the image of God we were created. Praise and thank God
For our part also, keep everything and everyone in daily prayers. Call, email, and make
contact with others as the Covid-19 alert moves down to level two. Adapt, adjust and do
more where you can. We must lead by example, adhering to government guidelines.
Remember the “front liners” in these unprecedented times. Look out for the least, the ill and
the unfortunate.
Build and rebuild the church of our Lord wherever you are. Let the Spirit of God guide and
lead. Many of our church services are online, reaching thousands weekly, globally.
“Stand up, stand up for Jesus,” the old hymn calls of us today.
Right Rev Fakaofo Kaio
Moderator, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand

Are You ready!!
mainly music could be ready to go (with limited toys,
much sanitising and parents bringing morning tea for their own
on Tuesday 9 June.
Pauline Fish and her team will notify all those whose emails
they have or you can call her on 027-6665035.
We are hoping to get back together in July maybe smaller groups in
people’s homes would be an option. For more information
contact Dale on 4283793 or .
If you want to contribute to a foodbank service, consider
donating to
The Foodbank Project
There are many other foodbank organisations, but this way we
can continue our relationship with Glenfield Salvation Army –
Salvation Army is partnered with Countdown supermarkets to
provide food parcels. On the website you can choose a one off
or recurring donation of any amount .

Rotary is having an E Waste day on 4 July to support the
Abilities Group. [The Abilities Group employs up to 150 disabled
people in dismantling electronics and other recycling activities]
David Hansen will bring a trailer to Church on Sunday 28
June and you are all encouraged to bring all your E-Waste,
electrical appliances, batteries, polystyrene, cardboard and
paper: as much as you like for a donation of $5.00 to Abilities.
Please help support Abilities who provide meaningful
employment for this disadvantaged group in our society.