Notices – February 2020

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Notices – February 2020


Our Dinner Club is a friendly group which meets for a meal once a month, usually the 3rd Saturday and usually at 7 pm. Dale notifies people where and when by email or phone, as well as by the church notices. We pay for our own meal which is usually about $30 depending on how many extras you have. Please let Dale know if you are interested in joining us.

Contact her on 4283793 or to confirm.


Contributions brought to both of the weekly Sunday Services are taken to the Salvation Army depot at 430 Glenfield Road.

This month they are short of

>toiletries especially shampoo, conditioner and razors

>cleaning products eg dishwash liquid and laundry detergent

>UHT milk


Fresh fruit or vegetables eg potatoes, carrots, onions delivered to the depot on Monday Wednesday or Friday mornings from 9.30 am would also be appreciated but the weekly collections at church are dry goods only.


Mainly music has been going at St Andrews for the past 18 years and is still going strong. We meet on Tuesday mornings with 2 sessions each day, one at 9.15 and the other at 10.45. Most mornings we have up to 50 families and 25 – 30 children per session.

The programme involves 30 minutes of music, morning tea for both the children and adults then 30 minutes of playtime and chat time. This is time when friendships develop, problems are shared and solved, and we see the community coming to life. It is great to see good things happening as strangers meet and new relationships grow. We have heard of people who first met at mainly music and are still friends many years later.

We have a team of helpers who provide the programme, meet and greet the families and provide morning tea. The music programme centres on a theme which runs for 5 weeks and always includes 1 or 2 “God songs”. Easter and Christmas are 2 opportunities to introduce families to the Christian faith and show them that these holidays are not just a commercial occasion and a chance to get presents. Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day are also celebrated as we try to reinforce the importance of families and caring for each other.

In the week before Christmas 20 families met at the Onewa Resthome to sing Christmas songs to the residents and present them with shortbread and cards. This was an enjoyable time for both the children, their carers and the elderly residents. We have promised to return during the next school holidays.

Delight, accept, grow is mainly music’s aim and with God’s help, the team’s cooperation and the children’s enthusiasm I hope that we are achieving this each week.

If you would like to join our team please talk to me or Rosemary Bold as we are always looking for more helpers, especially in the kitchen.

The first session for 2020 will be on 11 February.

Pauline Fish