Notices – February 2016

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Notices – February 2016

Auckland Transport HOP cards

Important information for people who currently use Super Gold cards for travel by public transport in Auckland.

From 1 July 2016 those who use Super Gold Cards for free travel will be expected to use a HOP card. This is used to ‘tag’ on to the bus (and there are card readers at trains and ferries too), by touching the card against a panel until a ‘beep’ is heard.


If you buy a HOP card and register it as a Gold Card user, then you will be eligible for free travel after 9 a.m. under the same conditions as now. You can buy a HOP card at Smales Farm bus station, or any of the bus stations or at some dairies – e.g.

  • Birkenhead Superette Dairy and Lotto Shop, 43 Birkenhead Avenue
  • Mitchells Paper Power, 3 Pearn Crescent, Northcote
  • Northcote Pop Inn Dairy, 173 Queen Street, Northcote Point
  • Jayna Superette, 354 Rangatira road, Beach Haven

The card costs $10 to buy, and you must load on at least $5.


In order to get free travel, the HOP card must be registered. This can be done at Smales Farm, or any of the other bus stations. We went to Britomart when it wasn’t a terribly busy time, and very helpful staff talked us through it all. You need your Super Gold Card, and possibly some other ID.

It is possible to buy a card and register it online at the Auckland Transport website You can also ring 366 4467 for help. The website also lists other places where cards can be bought.

An important thing to remember is that you MUST tag your HOP card when you leave the vehicle as well as when you enter it. If you are very youthful looking, you could be asked for ID (your Super Gold Card) when you are using a HOP card.

If you use public transport it would be good to get the HOP card soon rather than wait until it is compulsory for everybody.