Notices – Dec 2016, Jan 2017

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Notices – Dec 2016, Jan 2017

Mary and Joseph

It’s that time of the year again – Mary and Joseph have come to travel around Northcote. If you haven’t got a booking on their itinerary, please contact Lynda; they would love to come for a visit. To give you a taste of their journeys last year, here’s an extract from their diary…..

December 1 – we visited the dive suit repair room and stood on the work bench and were amazed at how many pieces make up a complete wetsuit. At our hosts place, we spent the rest of our visit on the coffee table. We could share in the TV programmes they watched. We enjoyed a programme narrated by David Attenborough where we learnt the clever ways of monkeys. We went to sleep so we didn’t have to watch ‘The Wolfman’ with the 15 yr.old grandson.

December 6 – we attended the 10am service at St Aidans in Northcote – a very busy road led to the very beautiful red brick church building. The theme for the day was Advent 2 – Joy with Hymns …. An enormous Christmas tree had miraculously appeared overnight and the congregation decorated it – lights twinkled at intervals, altogether an awesome sight. Our host, after the service took us to a local supermarket where she bought teabags and red rubbish bags, the uses of these products were a mystery for us. Teabags were explained as being the basis for a common beverage – just add boiling water. How odd, drinking coloured water. Then home for lunch – a home overlooking a native bush reserve with large black birds flying about – Tuis we were told. In the afternoon we visited an elderly lady who was surprised to see us travelling in a gold box which she had discarded last year as unwanted. Claimed by our host, it is now used as our very special ‘home’. We visited a second lady’s home and were able to see an extensive view of Auckland City and the Harbour Bridge which links the North Shore to the main city of Auckland. After a quiet night in, we woke to a beautiful sunny day and were taken to Little Shoal Bay for another view of the city: this time from a very pretty beach with the tide coming in. What a stunning place to live! The local people are very fortunate. This afternoon we shall be taken to our next home. Thank you to our host for a very interesting time.

December 24 – We went to visit two elderly ladies in their rest homes and visited the butcher at Countdown for a chicken. Nearly got saturated when getting out of the car – our hostess put us on the car roof while getting a walker for an elderly person out of the car – and the rain came down…… no umbrella! We were rescued in time….. not wet….. and travelled back to St Aidans ready for the evening service.


Dinner Club

The next dinner club outing will be in mid-January 2017. Those who have participate in the past will receive an email with details.

To reserve your seat please contact Dale – 418 3793 or text 021 02345 087, or email