Notes from St Andrews Council Meeting January 2021

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Notes from St Andrews Council Meeting January 2021

Changes for our two negotiating churches are fast coming to fruition. The Genesis Group, a kind of “think tank” for innovation in the New Church, is providing reports and conversations for us all to be involved in. Question Pauline Fish and Barbara Wadams whenever you can.

Perhaps, each Sunday a month could have a different character eg One could be “a Circle of Community” based on the Circles of Trust some of us enjoyed last year. We are trying to focus on “being a community” where all are welcome, meaningful connection is nurtured and those in need are helped.”

St Andrews Parent-supported Play Group is still in the pipeline. But, meanwhile, Mainly Music will be starting again with two sessions on Tuesday 9 February.

Thanks to all who, though sometimes finding it hard, are contributing to and encouraging change. We can do no other as we cannot just carry on as we have in the past.