News from Queensland – July 2014

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News from Queensland – July 2014

Thank you for sending me the newsletter. I find Alf’s writing always stimulating. The news of the congregation is always positive and St Aidans seem to be thriving.

I trust health wise it is going well for all. So many of my friends seem to be having a problem of some kind. Probably not surprising seeing where we are in life. But it is still with joy I greet every new morning and the first rays of the sun tells something, somewhere is constant so have no fear.

Last year I got clivia seeds from a very kind man up in Melany when we visited his garden. Raimi and I planted them and he watched the whole growing wonder. His school is having a fair and he contributed his home-grown seeds for a stall. Weekends he helps out with mowing the lawn and Saturday evening he has his own barbeque next to Dawid’s. Carin and I  are treated on egte boerewors and kalaharis. Maybe Ralph, a kalahari is similar in its uniqueness to beskuit. It is simply tomato, raw onion and cheese in between slices of bread toasted on an open fire. Give my love to all.