Music Notices – September 2020

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Music Notices – September 2020

Dear Friends,
Tena koutou katoa, Talofa lava and Warm greetings to you all.
I am thrilled to be starting a music and worship ministry with you,  and am looking forward to getting to know you better and learning about your hopes and plans for working together.
Because of Covid-19 restrictions, we must be creative and flexible about how we work together as we begin, but I think it will be possible to have gatherings of 10 or less people and keep safe and observe social distancing.  It is also good to have phone and zoom conversations.
I’d like to build together an inclusive team that works flexibly and creatively, using each person’s particular gifts and strengths. 
To help me get a beginning overview of our people and resources, I would like to find out about your particular music and worship interests, your past experience, skill sets, time availability and musical preferences, as well as your hopes and ideas for future development.  
So I have prepared a little questionnaire for you to think about (below). You can send it back to me by email. Don’t worry if any question does not apply to you, I’m just wanting some basic information to start with. 
I’ll be meeting with Colin early next week and will get back to you all soon with an outline for the next steps.
Robyn Allen Goudge Please return answers to:


1. Name
2. Address
3. Home Phone
4. Mobile Phone
5. Email address
6. Home Church (St Aidan’s or St Andrew’s)
7. Any instrument that you play
8. Approx. number of years you’ve been playing
9. Any music exams or qualifications
10. Singing voice type (SATB? if you know it)
11. Do you read music or learn by ear
12. What languages can you speak
13. Daytime availability (eg working 9-5, retired)
14. Evenings available for rehearsal
15. Previous experience/ roles held in church/community music
16. Music genres/styles that you enjoy/prefer
17. Church hymn/music books that you are familiar with
18. Other gifts and skills (eg  Lead prayers, bible reading, welcome, preaching, photocopy music, filing, prepare powerpoint, sound system, hospitality)
18. Hopes, dreams, goals for the future

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