Minister’s comment – October 2020

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Minister’s comment – October 2020

Some of my favourite times, I was going to say were, but they continue to be listening to stories. My parents read us bedtime stories, Sunday mornings on the radio there was, there still is ?story time?, which I sometimes listen to on the way in to worship Sunday mornings 6- 7am. What is it about stories that capture our imaginations, that allows us to ?hoot? with laughter and feel the agony with a character? I guess in part the children?s stories we get to hear take us on a quick journey from beginning to end, having engaged all our senses in one sitting. Doctor Grundies Undies is one example of using poetry with a sense of adventure, encountering difficulties, intrigue and mystery.

Reading scripture; we get to read a small thread of that greater narrative. Maybe stories like Samson we know from beginning to end and parts of the more astonishing Israelite journey from slavery. We can miss the richness, adventure, intrigue and encounter of the whole narrative of the Hebrew people if we haven?t read it from beginning to end. Our personal stories are much the same. People meet us for a mere moment in time, an encounter, a portion of our narrative. Those episodes, adventures, encounters that make us who we are today, rich, intriguing and some of us a little quirky, these are our narratives. I guess we are the only ones who know our narrative, the twists and turns, ups and downs the stories of adventure and near-death encounters are better in the telling.

Happy storytelling,