Minister’s comment – February 2021

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Minister’s comment – February 2021

Welcome to the New Year. It is wonderful to have new starts, new beginnings, new opportunities. Something is liberating about starting again, learning from our past mistakes, and learning from the sages’ wisdom, knowing we have a fertile history of growing a vibrant and robust future.

May 2021 be this and more for us as individuals, families, our New Church, our communities, Aotearoa and globally as human beings who influence the ecology and have the opportunity to treat all peoples with dignity, equality and justice. May we be in tune with the emerging future.

Here is a brainteaser. How can we rethink the economy and nature from “take, make, and throw away” to a user-friendly ethos, in which everything that we take from the earth is returned at the same or a higher level of quality?

Our world is a big place, but we can best influence a portion of it in finding new and creative ways here in Northcote and Birkenhead. What is 2021 going to be for us? The Genesis Grp. is about to bring considered recommendations to the Church Councils and Congregations in February. The recommendations are about the shape and expression of the New Church, and your considered thoughts will help shape what is emerging. The Genesis Grp recommendations have been guided by parish consultations, Circles of Trust and research on faith communities facing similar circumstances yet have managed to turn the tide and engage creatively in their part of the world.

There are already fresh expressions happening by us at Saints A & A. Robyn Allen-Goudge will continue the music development with enthusiastic singers, so please join in. We are about to begin a creative engagement with those children attending worship. On Sunday morning the Hall at St Andrews will have a creating table as does St Aidans. If you would see yourself helping out in this way, talk to me or those who are engaged with this wonderful ministry with the children. Of course, all the other church activities that bring life and smiles will continue through 2021, so keep an eye out and put them in your diaries and think about who you could invite to any or all of our happenings.

We have many challenges and equally many opportunities to make a difference.

Peace to you and yours,