Letter from America – August 2016

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Letter from America – August 2016

Dear Ralph and All of our St. Aidan’s Family:

So glad to receive the latest Informer; always a welcome arrival in Sedona at the Biggers home.

It looks like our beloved congregation “on the Shore” is now turning a corner into a new chapter of ministry.

We certainly wish Alf and Fleur the best of everything for their own “change of pace” that comes with retirement; knowing they will continue with a different kind of ministry.

Also, best wishes to Carolyn and Mark; from the sound of it, their backgrounds and experiences in ministry will fit well with the kind of congregation that St. Aidan’s always has been, as you search for new ministerial leadership.

We did very much appreciate the excellent statements by Alf, Ralph, and Trevor; as they firmly recognized the main challenges to our society in these troubling times. (Here in the USA we are facing quite an ominous challenge, and hopefully with our elections in November the American public can truly understand what we are now facing in this country.)

Anyway…..love to all; and do keep us on your e-mailing list.

Oh; forgot to mention; Jean and I celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary on July 1.† Our children, and most of the grandkids, were able to come to Sedona for the occasion. We do feel blessed and are truly grateful for the wonderful years we have shared–certainly including the two visits with St. Aidans; and with several more ahead.

John and Jean†