Kids’ Stuff – June 2012

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Kids’ Stuff – June 2012

Hi kids,

What a busy month of May it has been.

At Messy Church we made cut-outs of ourselves with all the things we belong to and things we like to do. Next time you are in the Lindisfarne Lounge (downstairs) have a look at the ďWe all belong to Godís familyĒ and see if you recognise anyone! Some people do look a little† strange!!

At Kids n All we got tangled (and untangled) as we made a HUGE web across the church. What a lot of fun!

Friday Fun Nights have been popular with children from all around the neighbourhood. Iím sure some Mums were surprised with all the gifts they got on Mothersí Day. Lots of yummy food for dinner too J. If you havenít been to Friday Fun Nights, keep looking to see when the next one is on and come along Ė I know you will have FUN!

Itís a little quieter at Kids Friendly in June. There is Kids n All on 3 June (and 1 July) and Rise and Shine on 17 June. Kids n All starts 10am and Rise and Shine at 8.30am with a yummy breakfast. Bring Mum and Dad along Ė tell Mum she doesnít have to get breakfast ready Ė itís all ready and waiting at Church. Bring your friends along too.

Donít forget if you want to know whatís going on at St †Aidans visit . There is heaps of information about Kids Friendly and other stuff that Mum and Dad might to be interested in.

Talk to you again next month. Meanwhile remember to do your best in all the things you do.

God bless,


(for Kids Friendly @ St Aidans)