Kids’ Stuff – July 2014

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Kids’ Stuff – July 2014

Kids Friendly Birthdays for July

Birthday wishes from the Kids Friendly Team to our “junior” members who will be celebrating their birthdays in July:

Miles; Georgia; Stephen; Stella

Kids Friendly Corner

ARK@S is our youth service group which helps in our community by being helping hands to serve others.

Our next event is on Sat 12 July at 10am at the church. We will be baking and making delicious goodies to give to our older people. There will be a BBQ lunch to follow.

It is open to all Intermediate and High School students – so if you know anyone who might be interested email us at and we’ll be in touch.

Our monthly Friday Fun Nights for children 5-12 are very popular. We have been at capacity numbers for several months. Here is an email from one parent which shows that we are building bridges and making a difference:

“This week our family is moving to New Plymouth so unfortunately P won’t be attending any more FFNs.He has loved these events and on behalf of my husband and P – thank you very much for the special memories you have all created. They have been a highlight over the past few years and he’s safely packed many of the cherished crafts he’s made from those evenings. All the best.

With love and gratitude.”

WANTED: ice cream containers with lids and Anathoth jam containers with lids for storing our art and craft materials. Please see Liz if you have any. Many thanks.