Kids’ Stuff – August 2014

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Kids’ Stuff – August 2014

Kids Friendly Birthdays for


Birthday wishes from the Kids Friendly Team to our one “junior” member who will be celebrating her birthday in August:


Kids Friendly Corner

ARK@S Ė A group of our young people spent a morning baking and making plates of delicious goodies, which were given out to the residents of Iona Close and to older members of the congregation. There has been lots of very positive feedback from the recipients. It has been another bridge building exercise Ė from our young people to our older folk.

A number have asked about ARK@S which stands for Acts of Random Kindness At St Aidans. It is our youth service group, which helps in the community by being helpful hands to serve others.

It is open to all Intermediate and High School students Ė so if you know anyone who might be interested contact the Kids Friendly team.

Kids Friendly Family Email Newsletter

Under the expert hands of Andrea there is an email newsletter that goes out once a term to all our young families and to all our Friday Fun Night families. It has lots of information and articles that are focused on children and on families. If you would like to receive a copy please email Andrea at .

Next time youíre at Church check out our Kids Friendly Certificate that is now hanging on the orange wall in the Spencer Lounge. It shows everyone that we are a Kids Friendly place!