Kids Stuff – August 2012

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Kids Stuff – August 2012

Hi kids,


What a funny winter this is turning out to be Ė cold, wet, sunny, mild, windy, foggy….I think it is a good thing not to have the same sort of weather each day. It makes you enjoy the sort of weather you like even more. But whatever the weather, there is always something for you at St Aidans.


At Kids n All sometimes things are very different Ė like having little round tables in church. This month on 5 August it will be different again and also on 2 September. Come along and enjoy this special type of all age service Ė itís the time when kids help to Ďruleí!


Rise and Shine always has a yummy breakfast and like Kids n All it is always different. Remember itís an earlier start Ė 8.30am but come along and find out how Rise and Shine is different.


Friday Fun Nights has started on its new once a month schedule.

July was all about the Olympics.† Iím sure there are no events at the London Olympics quite like FFN Olympics!† The next FFN will be on 31 August starting at 6.15pm. Cost is $5 which includes dinner (and there is always icecream for dessert J) After dinner there is an hour of fun activities with a finish time of 8.15pm. †For more information email or visit

or ring 480 2193 (Church office).


And wait…thereís more!


MESSY CHURCH is on again on 10 August – 5.30- 8pm. This is for everyone ĖBIG, little, middle-size. Itís a very different sort of church.

Here we worship, we have dinner together and we enjoy lots of fun being creative and sometimes messy. Bring your family, bring your friends and come and enjoy a new experience.


This will be my last letter to you for a while as I am off to live in France for a year. I will miss being at St Aidans but I will be keeping in touch with what is going on here.


So until next time take care of yourselves and all those you love,

Au revoir

Liz (for Kids Friendly @ St Aidans)