Kids’ Stuff – April 2012

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Kids’ Stuff – April 2012

Hi kids,

How are you all? I hope you having been having fun at school, at home and at all the different things you do during each week. The end of term is coming and soon you will be on holiday. And with the holidays comes a change of season and Autumn will soon be with us. Although I donít like the thought of cold weather coming I do love the colours and the change in the trees that we see in Autumn.

It has been great to see you at Kids n All and Rise and Shine this past month. Lots of purple and green balloons tied onto the front fence looked great Ė all with a message about children for Childrenís Day. At Rise and Shine we also had lots of colours to talk about along with yummy egg and bacon wraps. Thanks Simon and Rachel H.

Coming up very, very soon is our first MESSY CHURCH. This is on Friday 30 March at 5.30 until 8pm. I will be able to tell you what happens in our next newsletter but Iím getting very excited about it!

The Sunday after MESSY CHURCH is 1 April and that means Kids n All. We will be showing some of the things that have been made at MESSY CHURCH to celebrate Palm Sunday. This Sunday marks the beginning of Easter Week which is one of the most important times for us as Jesus followers. On Good Friday we remember how and why Jesus was crucified and on Easter Sunday we celebrate His resurrection. These are big words but they mean Jesus died for us because He loves each one of us. So when you are enjoying your Easter eggs have a little think about Jesus and how much He loves you!

After Easter on 15 April is our next Rise and Shine. The theme this time will be ĎHarvestí. We will think about all the good food we have. Perhaps you could bring some food (in a tin or packet) so we could share what we have with others. We will try to send a BIG box of food to the Foodbank to be given to those who do not have as much as we do. Of course we will enjoy another yummy breakfast …I wonder what it will be ??

Thatís enough from me. Have a great month and happy holidays!

Take care of yourself and the people you love.

See you soon!

Liz†† (for the Kids Friendly team at St Aidans)