Keeping you Informed – October 2015

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Keeping you Informed – October 2015


A reminder that the 2015 AGM will take place on Sunday 11th October during morning worship. Copies of all reports are available in the AGM booklet. If you haven’t already got a copy, please obtain one (one per family, please) and tick your name on the membership list when you have it. It is very interesting to read about all that has been going on in the Community of Saint Aidans during the last year. Take your booklet to the AGM please.

New Elders and Elders Emeritus

Now that we have ordained four new Elders Lynda Burkett, Rachel Hurr, Dalia Kubiliute and Grace Symes, we were very happy to welcome them to their first meeting of Church Council in September, and we look forward to their presence among us, and the contribution they will make to our Community of Saint Aidans.


Also at the September meeting of Church Council, it was agreed that Margaret King, Malcolm King and Bill Houghton) become Elder Emeritus. This means that they continue to be Elders (an Elder is ordained for life) but they can take a step back from the active service they have been giving to the Community of Saint Aidans. Their wonderful years of work and dedicated service will be formally acknowledged at the AGM.

With these changes, and also because Jeanne van der Merwe is on leave of absence from Church Council, you can expect there to be some changes to Visiting Elders’ Lists.


Dates, Dates and more Dates – Please note these NOW

6 – 13 October Alf will be on leave (but will return for the AGM)

11 October       AGM during the service

17 October       Spring Clean 9am -12pm A list of the jobs to be done are on page 16

22 November     Roxy’s last service

20 December     Roxy’s farewell

Nan – for the Executive Team


As you know we have undertaken, as part of Global Mission, to fundraise and donate money to All Saints High School in India.

At each Kids n All and Café Church services donations are put in a jar and we are slowly building up funds. However at November’s Café Church when we will be celebrating St Aidans’ birthday, there will be ‘presents’ for everyone.

We need donations of small items that are suitable to be wrapped as presents. Each ‘present’ will be numbered. Everyone will have the opportunity to buy a number and your ‘present’ will be the one with the corresponding number. Who knows what you may get!

Donated gifts could include toiletries; stationery; photo frames; small toys; confectionery etc. Please DO NOT wrap your donation.

So something for everyone and more funds for All Saints High School