Keeping you Informed – November 2015

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Keeping you Informed – November 2015

Keeping you Informed

White Ribbon Day – a stand against Family Violence

25 November

  • White Ribbon Day is an opportunity to make a stand against Family Violence.
  • At our service on 22 November we will be putting white ribbons on the big tree close to Onewa Road plus on the fence as well as having a large billboard to show our support for White Ribbon Day.
  • Throughout the week (22 – 29 November) there will be opportunities for the public to tie a ribbon on the fence. We will be distributing fliers around the neighbourhood to encourage people to make a stand against Family Violence. There will also be information on our Facebook page.

Justice & Action speaker/discussion evenings

Sunday 29 November & 6 December

  • These evenings will incorporate speakers and discussion groups on the themes of Child Poverty and Family Violence plus Social Transformation and the part we play in these major societal problems.
  • The evenings will be based on a booklet ‘Justice & Action’ put out by PCANZ.
  • Copies will be available for those who are interested in attending so you can have some prior knowledge on these subjects.
  • Start time 6.30pm and finishing after supper at 8.30pm.


Roxy’s time with us is nearly finished…

  • Roxy’s last service will be on 22 November.
  • Her graduation service will be on Wed 2 December at St Columba Church.
  • Our farewell for Roxy and Mark will be at December’s Café Church on 20 December.


Christmas is coming…

  • 6 December – the Christmas Tree will be decorated at Kids n All. Help will be needed beforehand to put the tree up. Details of date and time to come.
  • Mary and Joseph will once again be looking for homes to host them on their way to Christmas. Look out for the list that will be on the notice board.

Liz– for the Executive Team