Keeping you Informed – November 2013

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Keeping you Informed – November 2013

Something new and exciting

From Kids Friendly activities ARK@S – This is a new venture to involve 11 year upwards young people in a mixture of social and service bonding where “older” youngsters meet together in a Community outreach of useful helpfulness and coincidentally mix and mingle in a togetherness of social contact and enjoyment of food – all this under the wing and overview of the St Aidans’ Kids Friendly team. The initial kick off of this venture will have involved (anticipated 12) young people gathering to tidy Ann G’s property on Saturday 26th September to be followed by an afternoon nosh up at the Church.

Something new to look for in coming months:-  The Church Council has agreed to replace the garden seat which used to be situated on the lawn near the Onewa Rd fence. This rotted away some months ago and replacement has been delayed while suitable options as to style, construction and cost have been investigated.  Similarly, the need to repaint the Car Park Markings has been under investigation for some time pending assurance that funds could and should be reasonably expended. Both these items are now cleared for action and will be scheduled for work to be done over the summer season.


Church 125th. ANNIVERSARY- The format of our 125th. Anniversary will take an interesting alternative form from to previous years in that it will be held on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 17TH, which, being a third Sunday of the month will be a 9-30 CAFÉ SERVICE .  As usual for Café Services, Breakfast will feature and be morphed into a Birthday Celebration. Plan to be present, and do invite family and especially previous St Aidans attendees.



To elect & appoint two additional TRUSTEE members to the Board of the St. Aidans Presbyterian Property Trust. (Iona Retirement Village Trust)

Currently there are six trustees. The constitution stipulates there must be a minimum of six and a maximum of 10 trustees who are elected for a three year term.

It has of late been difficult to find willing Congregational Members to fill such positions.

At the AGM a rule change was agreed to permit NON Congregational Members to be nominated as Trustees subject to several strict conditions, and also retaining a required majority of Congregation Members to form the Board.

Since the AGM two further persons have indicated their willingness to accept nomination to the Board and Colin Reid (current Chairman) has written to the Church Council requesting a Special General Meeting be called to allow consideration of their election to the Iona Board. The persons are:-

Lynda Burkett                                a Member of the Congregation

Tim Wood (husband of Andrea Palmer)        A NON Member.

In view of Tim’s NON member status a clear procedure is required to enable full details to be advised to the Congregational Members giving full notice of the meeting and of Tim’s back ground.



Lynda, being a listed, and noticeably very active, member of the Congregation needs no introduction. Tim’s status requires that congregational members be advised of back ground details in advance of the meeting showing qualifications which suggest that his appointment will be advantageous to the management of the Trust; that back ground is set out below.

Tim offers the following information:

I have been married to Andrea Palmer for 21 years. We have three children who attend St Aidans with Andrea.

I am currently a member of the Board of Trustees of Northcote Intermediate School, and was previously also a member of the Board of North Shore Living without Violence.

For the past ten years I have worked for District Health Boards in the Auckland area, funding and managing health services. This includes managing budgets, contracts and staff.

My interests are swimming, clay target shooting and listening to music

I believe my skills will effectively support the management of Iona Close.