Keeping you Informed – July 2015

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Keeping you Informed – July 2015

New Elders – (in training)

The first of three Elder training sessions was held on Tuesday June 16th.

We welcomed Dalia, Grace, Lynda and Rachel who were joined by five of the Church Council, and most ably led by Alf and Roxy.

The topic was Pastoral Care with an emphasis on visiting. Our leaders involved us in a role playing exercise which was both informative and entertaining, demonstrating both the ‘how to’ and ‘how not to’.

Charitable Status

St Aidans is now separately registered as a Charitable Trust. All Elders are listed as Trustees. The official name is The Community of St Aidans Northcote. The registration number is CC51837.

Mission Plan

At the request of Presbytery we have brought up to date our 5 year Mission Plan.

This was commenced in 2011 and we thank David Hansen for revising it.

A copy of the current plan is on the notice board for parishioners to read.

Upcoming Events – there are 2 major fundraising events coming up. Please note the dates in your calendars and please give them your full support.

  • Sat 25 July @ 2pm – Jazz Concert
  • Sat 19 Sept @ 2pm – Floral Affair

Robin – for Church Council