Keeping you informed – July 2013

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Keeping you informed – July 2013

Earthquake Prone Buildings Inspections

The Auckland Council advises initial inspections of earthquake prone buildings are due to begin on the North Shore and, if the buildings are found to be structurally less than 34% of the current building code requirements, notices will follow requiring adequate strengthening or possible demolition.

Having been built in 1931, and of brick construction, St Aidans is almost certainly to be in this category, and this will pose serious and far reaching decisions to be contemplated.

The Auckland Council’s policy on timing for actions to be taken in such cases (especially in the case of Heritage buildings such as St Aidans) is of reasonable length but still poses costly actions.

Meanwhile the Presbyterian Church Council and Property Trustees have taken a much more immediate attitude and are pressuring for action to be taken immediately, with serious urgings to initiate the initial inspections straightway at Parishes own expense at a cost estimated between $1400 and $4500 dependant on the building.

Your Church Council has resolved to delay action in this matter until either Auckland Council undertakes an inspection, or until a meeting of Church Council following David’s return and attendance, whichever is sooner. David, while not a structural engineer is of the engineering fraternity and understands better than other councillors engineering-speak and repercussions.

Churches working together.  Meetings of parishioners of St Aidans, St Andrews of Birkenhead, St Lukes and Zion Hill Methodist Churches have now held the two exploratory discussion meetings advertised for June,- the second being held on Thursday 27th June. Good attendance and intensive and positive exercises in consideration of pluses and minuses of closer working together  were found to be worthwhile,-  and all especially found it a positive exercise to meet and talk with those from other churches. The question of “Where to from here?” and of “what good and what bad results may result in major linkage?” was lightly broached and a further get together is planned to be arranged for a couple of months hence.

August Guest Speaker Series:  The popular Speaker Series held in August over the last two years is to be  continued       this year on the Sunday evenings of August 11th & 18th. Timing is currently planned for Tea/Coffee at 6-30p.m. with the speaker slot 7.00p.m. to 8-30p.m. =The Church Council is pleased to announce the speakers confirmed to be Don Brash  and Diane Robertson [of City Mission].  The covering subject is GREED IS A CURRENT VIRTUE!.

Elder Emeritus: Margaret has decided to retire from active Eldership duties but will now assume the role of Elder Emeritus. Her diligent and effective work as a fully active Elder, and her change of status, was particularly acknowledged at the Communion Service on June 30th. As Elder Emeritus Margaret is still eligible to assist in worship and other forms of service but no longer is required or expected to attend Church Council meetings.

Congratulations to Don: Don celebrates his 90TH BIRTHDAY on July 5th. Don continues to delight us with his vitality , his rhythm, his music, and his poignant observations. A wonderful, most relevant and loved member of St Aidans Congregation.