Keeping you Informed from Church Council – October 2016

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Keeping you Informed from Church Council – October 2016

Hospital Chaplaincy

We have received a newsletter from Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy, outlining the work that chaplains do, and informing us that to maintain their ministry in the coming year increased community funding of 2.5% is needed.  That is an increase of around $100,000.  They are asking churches to consider making a donation of $250. A copy of the letter from Hospital Chaplaincy is on the notice board in the Spencer Lounge.

If you would like to make a donation which will be sent from the Community of St Aidans, please put it in an envelope, marked ‘Hospital Chaplaincy’ in the collection plate during one of the October services.  If you prefer to make an individual donation, the address is Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy, PO Box 6427, Marion Square, Wellington 6141. Using this method, you will receive a tax rebate receipt to off-set against your income.

Working Bee

Thank you to all who came to help at the recent Working Bee and also to all who provided great food for morning tea.  The gardens are looking good.

Floral Affair

Thank you to all who organised and participated in the Floral Affair afternoon.  The flowers looked amazing, and the tables were beautifully presented, and, as always, guests enjoyed excellent musical items and an excellent afternoon tea.  At this point the amount raised has not been finalised.

AGM 2016

Another thank you – to all who prepared reports for our AGM booklet.  I hope you have read it, and gained an appreciation of what we all, as the Community of St Aidans, have done during the past year.

All Saints High School in Tamil Nadu

Fund raising at Café Church services has already raised over $600 for this school in India.  It is hoped that we can bring this up to $1000 by the end of the year, and the money will then be sent to the school.  You can put something in the jar at Café Church, or put a marked envelope with a donation into the collection plate.  Thank you.

Welcome for Hilary Oxford Smith

Hilary and her husband, Clive, are to arrive in Auckland on November 18th, so we hope that they will not be too jet-lagged to be welcomed to Community of Saint Aidans at our Café Church service on November 20th.  Please mark this date in your diaries.

Nan, for Church Council