Keeping you Informed from Church Council – July 2016

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Keeping you Informed from Church Council – July 2016

Telephone directory

The updated Telephone directory is ready for distribution.  If you have listed your email address, you will be sent an electronic copy which you can either leave in your computer or print out. If, however, you require a hard copy sent to you, you can ring John C on 522 4355 and he will arrange for you to receive one.  Hard copies will be available for Elders to deliver – you should have got one with your ‘Informer’.  Thanks to John and Cam who have worked to get this directory completed.

Stated Supply Minister

We are happy to report that the Ministry Workgroup of Northern Presbytery has approved our decision to call Rev Dr Hilary Oxford Smith as a 50% stated supply Minister.  We now await a decision from the Presbytery Council which meets on July 7th.  Sylvia Miller-Hardie, Convenor of our Ministry Settlement Board, is keeping in touch with Hilary.

Interim Moderator

We are also pleased that Northern Presbytery has approved Rev Dr Carolyn Kelly to be our Interim Moderator.  Carolyn is Chaplain at Maclaurin Chapel, University of Auckland.  As Interim Moderator she will ensure that worship continues at Saint Aidans and will moderate meetings of Church Council, as well as giving us pastoral support and encouragement on behalf of Presbytery.  Carolyn is married to Mark Johnston who was our liaison with Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership while Roxy was with us as our Intern.  Carolyn and Mark have joined us for worship at Saint Aidans on a number of occasions and we welcome them warmly to the Community of Saint Aidans.


The Overture to General Assembly, asking that Church Property Trustees amend their policy on earthquake prone buildings in line with Government legislation, has been presented to Northern Presbytery for their approval.  Our sincere thanks to the Team, David, Gerald, Bruce, Rosemarie and Rachel who, along with Alf, worked hard to write a clear overture in a relatively short time to meet Presbytery deadlines.

Moderator Designate Candidates

There are three candidates standing for the position of Moderator Designate for PCANZ.  They are Rev Taimoanaifakaofo Kaio, Jill Kayser and Rev Andrew Norton.

IT Team

A number of people are being organised and trained to work with the Ministers and others taking services. They will prepare and print Orders of Service, prepare Power Point presentations, and operate the laptop and data projector during services.  If you would like to join this team, please contact Nan or Rosemarie – we would love to have you with us.  We recognise one more area in which Alf developed his skills and used them effectively.  We need a whole Technology Team to replace him.




Thank you to Alf

At the June meeting of Church Council, Alf was formally and heartily thanked for his leadership, friendship, pastoral care, dynamism, creativity and vision over the last six and a half years, and for helping the Church to grow.

Thank you

Thank you to the anonymous donor who kindly gifted two tables for the use of the Church.  They are much appreciated because some of our tables are very shaky.  Please accept our thanks, and if you would like to identify yourself you can be thanked personally.

Nan – for the Executive Team